Thursday, November 14, 2013

Nov. 12, 2013

Hey, this letter is going out on Tuesday instead of Monday, the Libraries are closed on Holidays.   That means no email.  
This week has had ups and downs.   We got to meet with several of the Active members of the Ward, and that is really great.   It is still a little difficult to get referrals, but I think they are warming up to the idea.   We do a lot of service for them, as much as they will tell us they need done and that seems to help them want to give us referrals.   I love this ward, is is so small and so friendly.   We have a family here in the Ward that we call our parents.   They are the Padilla family, and we call them that because they do so much for us, they have us over for dinner, they bring us things to eat.   They seem to really love having us over there to see them.  
Our Bishop and his family are great too.   They feed us about as much as the Padilla's do.   When there is an opening in the Calender for feeding us, it is a safe bet that either the Padilla's or the Chambers' will feeding us.   (Chambers is the Bishops last name).   This ward is so friendly I am loving it here.  
It was a little tough this week.   There were several days when doors wouldn't open, or the part-member family/less active people who lived there would tell us they didn't really want to see us right then.   It was a little depressing for me, I guess I came out here with some grandeous idea that everything would all go to plan, and it was a little hard when they didn't.   But I found solace in my scriptures.   In the book of James 1: 2-4 James talks about patience and faith (I'm not gonna quote the whole section, I don't have that much time, but if you feel so inclined you can find and read them yourself) and the verses really comforted me.   They reminded me that things have to happen in the Lords Time, not ours, and that when things need to happen a certain way, the Lord will make them happen.  
Beautiful example of just that.   After a day of little success me and my companions were contacting at the Hub (it is like a mall) we ran into this young man named Ronnie.   He listened to us and we set up a return appointment with him there at the Hub.   We have taught him I think three times now and he really seems to like what we have been teaching him.   I don't know how far it will go, but I am learning to follow the Lords time and the Lords schedule.  
I am no longer sleeping on the couch.   The other Elders moved out to a really cool house, built in the 1800's I do believe, that is owned by a member.   They don't get the whole house, only an area on the top floor, but it is still cool, but it is slanted at about a 35 degree angle I think.   That bit is weird.   But is nice to no longer be like the man from Cornwall.  
There was a man from Cornwall whose length exceeded his bed.
My body fits on it, but barely upon it
There's no room for my big Cornish head.
That one is for you mom. :)
Yesterday on P-day our zone met at the Stake Center.   This building is I swear about the size of three of our buildings in Washington.   The thing was HUGE!!   Anyway we played a lot of ultimate Frisbee.   It was really fun, and I am beginning to get to know my Zone better.
These past few days we have been helping a women move out of her apartment.  She is a nice Indian woman (Dot not Feather) who has ran into some tough luck.   She was so happy that we were able to help her out, and we should be finishing that today.   She is really nice and she made us curry.   But she is a cat lady.   I mean she has like 18 cats.   She saves them all, kind of like Kristen Kimball saves dogs.  
Anyway, I think that is the most of it.   Love you all.   Have a great day.  

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