Monday, November 24, 2014

"We all gonna die, but we don't know the date, we know your date! THANKSGIVING!"-Barnyard "I miss when [I had good internet access]"-Shrek forever after "This is too hot, the [rain] was too cold. Will nothing please you?"-Iceage 2 "Don't stand that close to me I can smell your breath"-Kung Fo Panda

Man can you believe that it is Thanksgiving time again?   The last time Thanksgiving was here, I was brand new on mission, and I was going to the Bishop's house for Turkey and to trounce him at chess.   Ya, bishop loved chess, and It was a good match, but he got killed.   Man I so wish we had thanksgiving out here, and I wish I had something to cook for it, but I don't so I wont.   
The computers out here are really crappy.   The last several weeks we have had like no internet access, which means no email to President Cook, and almost nothing getting home.   I am sorry to those who I didn't get to last week.   I will hopefully not have such an issue from here on out, this internet cafe seems to be pretty good.   
Man it is really funny how much people complain over the weather.   When it is hot they say it is to hot, when it is finely cold, and I mean beautifully cold, they say it is too cold.   It is like what do you want?   Perfect weather?   Doubt that you'll ever find that.   When it rained last week it was so cold that it was like I was back home.   Man send me tracting in that weather and I will knock every door in Chegutu.   Oh well....
I have one huge problem with drunk people that is still occurring.   They stand right up close to me and just start to talk and breath their alcohol breath into my face and I feel like I'm gonna throw up all over them.   Does that make them leave me alone?   Nope, so I step back and they step closer.   I am really getting tired of that.   Feel like I need a gas mask.  Are you my mummy?   
This week has been good.   Lots of new investigators, and many people who are letting us teach them.   That is nice.   We have three baptisms on Saturday and a marriage, which means we are getting a good groove.   Lets not throw it off.   We have so many people out here, especially among our recent converts who love us.   They know that transfers are gonna come at some point and they are worried about people leaving.   Can't seem to help them know that we dont' get to stay too long as missionaries.   I love the people out here.   

My companion is a great guy.   But he can't sing on tune.   He, like me, will walk around and sing as we are doing things, mostly at home or in the car, but he is just off tune.  It is like the cow Grace in Home on the Range, loves to sing, but just can't hit the notes.   It is fun, but man, it is interesting.   I love him, super hard worker, and all that good stuff.   
"May we realize how close He is willing to come, how far He is willing to go to help us, and how much He loves us."
-Thomas S Monson 16th President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
"We are not obedient because we are blind, we are obedient because we can see."
-Boyde K Packer President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles
Nothing to me is cooler then seeing the recent convert Aaronic Priesthood holders passing the blessing the sacrament.   I love seeing them using the authority that they have received.   I love seeing the families who are accepting, and applying the gospel of Jesus Christ.   They have truly found "The Pear of Great Price" and have shown that they are willing to forsake all that they have if it was necessary to be able to posses it.   
I know that we have the pearl of great price.   We have what they need, what everyone needs.   I know that this church is true.   So many people try to argue with us and refute us and tell us we are wrong.   When it comes down to it, I have prayed and sought Heaven's answer as to wither this message is true or if it is not.   I would not be out here if there was any doubt in my mind as to wither it is true or not.   I know this Church is true, and all that that implies.   
"You know how dogs are, they go where ever they want to go. Unless they're dead"
"Listen little donkey take a look at me what am I?   Uhh, really tall?"
"Oh, I got the shrink ray.   No I'm not playing with it."
 Me and the children of a soon to be recent convert.   
"I can talk I'd love to talk, I'm the talkinest dang thing you ever saw."

Love ya

Monday, November 17, 2014

"Somehow [how bad the frying pan is] had totally slipped my mind"-Phineaus and Ferb "[He's] quiet, too quiet"-Shrek "And we all share one bathroom"-Horton Hears a Who "Well finely!"-Shrek 2

I made pancakes the other night, and I had forgot that the frying pan is crap, so yea, burnt pancakes for me.   Still great and I love pancakes, but just the smell and trying to clean it and all that stuff wasn't the best.   It was a total "What kind of a Domcov" moment from Doctor Doofensmirtz.   Funny, but would have been better if there was a decent frying pan.
My new companion is Elder Muzonde, a great guy.   Super powerful teacher and it is great being with him, but he is quiet.   He just don't say much, and as we know I say a lot.   It will be a great transfer with him, but I need him to warm up and speak.   He is the only member of his family, the rest are of different faiths.   His sister is actually in the states and is anti-mormon.   But here he is, serving the Lord with all his heart, might, mind and strength.   Great guy.
The bathroom situation is fun.   Only one shower, the floor is always soaked, and dirty, I wonder if college feels like this.   I don't know, all I know is we can't take any more people in our house.   Too small.
We finely got our own baptismal fount here in Chegutu, which is nice cause it is a huge pain in the butt getting to and from Kadoma in a Kombie with forty to fifty people.   So we will be doing baptisms and such here in Chegutu.  
  Our meeting yesterday was a little small, since it rained for the first time, and people seem to be afraid they will melt.   But we had 11 people confirmed from baptisms the last few weeks.   Things here in Chegutu are going great.  

I have to be fast this one, we got to go somewhere really quick and then get back here to continue what we are doing.   We had three baptisms on Saturday in our side, a great group of people, and we got more on the way.   We are looking for a more reverent place to have our church meetings.  We might have found one, we are actually gonna go and take a member of the Kadoma Branch to it now, hence the urgency.   Things are going well, sorry this is so short.
"Things will work out. Keep trying. Be believing. Be happy. Don't get discouraged. Things will work out."
-Gordon B Hinckley 15th President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
I know this Church is true.   I know God speaks to man in our day.   I know Jesus is the Christ.   I love them, and I know they love us.
"Is this a pit, I think I'm in a pit.  That guy better be back soon."
"I'm just a big fat panda, I'm The big fat panda."
"Our dear friend has been taken by a creature called the Bacson."
"The invisible trident of destiny!"
Love you all.   

"it's your anniversary!"-Phineaus and Ferb "Do you know anyone who's happy to see a mosquito?"-Bee Movie "Let it begin!"-Bolt "I need you to stay [in Chegutu]"-How to train your dragon (Nov. 10th Post)

Hey now, just so ya'll know, fifteen years ago, my Mom and Dad got married.  In Las Vegas, by a preacher man who looks like Elvis.   Or I think he did, I don't really remember it too much.   But I do remember that I am super happy that my parents got married.   I can't believe it has been that long of a time.   Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad.
Man there are a lot of mosquitoes out here in Chegutu.   Sounds like they are supposed to spray the area to keep them from spawning and that they either forgot or decided not to.   Ether way I am happy for Deet, and for fans that stop them from landing on me.   I slap at them all the time, but they are fast little buggers.  

I can't wait for rainy season to get here.   I want it to cool off, I want the sky to be a beautiful gray, and I want to feel like I am back in Washington.   Hopefully either this week, or the beginning of next we will get rain.   I say LET IT BEGIN!
I am staying in Chegutu for one more transfer, and after that we will have to see.   But my dearly beloved companion Elder Hove is going to Ruwa in Harare, and I have a new companion Elder Muzonde.   I am pretty excited to have him, he is a young missionary, and it will be great working with him.   Don't know much about him yet, but I will.
This week was good.   We are still working on becoming a Branch, but it should be soon.   We have some great people we are working with, and a few more marriages coming up.  Surprise of the week, the drunk guy that kept bothering me, who I hadn't seen in a long time, is being taught by the other missionaries and they are hoping to baptize his family and get him to stop drinking and he came to church yesterday.   I almost had a heart attack.   It was cool.
Not much on my companion more then what I have sent.  
"A friend makes more then a dutiful visit each month. A friend cares. A friend loves, a friend listens. And a friend reaches out."
-Thomas S Monson President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
"Everything He does is for our good and our protection. There is evil and sorrow in the world, but there is no evil or harm in Him. He is our father, a perfect Father-and he will shelter us from the storm."
-Geoffrey R Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles
I love these men, the people we sustain as prophets, seers and revelators, are wonderful people.   I know that they hold the priesthood keys to lead and guide and direct this work.   I know this church is true, and that families can be together forever.   I know it and I love it.
"Wow that was great timing, now say money should be falling from the sky!"
I've had it with you and your emotional constipation!"
"Well then why do you call her aunt fanny? Couldn't call her aunt booty."
"I've never felt more alive! Good cause I'm gonna kill ya!"

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

"And I just can't wait until next Halloween"-Nightmare before Christmas "Speak up [Machakaire]"-Tangled "Pins and Needles"-Despicable Me 2 "I could have made road pizza out of you."-Hoodwinked

I just got to say it, I MISS HALLOWEEN!   I really do.   The pumpkins, the candy, the costumes, the candy, the decorations, the candy, the haunted houses, the candy, the movies, did I forget anything else?   Oh yea the candy.   I miss it all so much, and next year is gonna be a great Halloween.   I'm gonna go all out.
My goodness, but the people out here are so soft spoken.   Like even in the car without music on it is super hard to hear from Elder Machakaire, or even when I am right next to him.   I keep telling him to speak up for me, but he is still so quiet.  
We sit on the ground a lot as we teach, and my legs begin to fall asleep, every time it happens I think of Despicable Me 2 when Gru falls out of the back of the car.   Pins and needles.   What is worse though is I got a head ache this past week that felt like I had pins and needles in my brain.   Don't get sick on mission, nothing is worse then a sick day on mission.   I can tell you that of a truth.  
Driving out here is interesting.   Unless you honk at people or flash them with your brights they don't get out of the way.   They don't watch where they are going.   The other night a biker was biking along right into our head lights, I was answering a question by someone in the back seat and my companion yelled, and so I down shifted, hit the breaks and only narrowly missed killing some guy who apparently thought the lights of my car were the tunnel to heaven.
This week we had a bit of a rough one, since we had a very limited amount of time in the area.   Got sick on Tuesday, got worse on Wednesday, Still sick on Thursday, got better on Friday. (I feel like Solomon Grundy from Batman)   And we traveled to Gweru on Thursday night for a Zone Conference, so yea, few lessons, and few people at church.   But it is okay, since we are in a new week.  
There is no time change out here.   Interesting for me, since I am used to it.   I am proud of you for getting to Church on time.   Our Sunday was good, I got to ordain our Recent Convert Brother Nyumtora to the Aaronic Priesthood.   That was a great experience for me.   I love being out here.   There are many children in our group, but no Primary.   

My companion is doing well, but the guy can't stay awake when we get home to save his life.   He is so a young missionary, since most every young missionary seems to struggle staying awake at night, including myself when I was that young on mission.   It might be different for sisters, but Elders die at the 6-8 month mark for staying awake past the close of the day.  
"People don't care how much we know until they know how much we care."
-Elder Mapugwa, my DL
"Now be strong, live the gospel faithfully even if those around you don't live it at all. Defend your faith with courage and courtesy but defend it."
-Elder Geoffrey R Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles
"All men have fears, but those who face them with faith have courage as well."
-Thomas S Monson President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
I love being able to tell people that I care about them, but I love more being able to show it.   Some times all that takes is an ear that will listen to what they have to say.   You could be the smartest guy in the world, but people don't know you care for them, they wont care.   One of the best things about missionary work is showing through action, that we care for the people around us.   Our love for others is a reflection of our love for God.

I know that God loves us, each and every one of us, His children.   He loved us enough to give us His Holy Son.   He loved us enough to give us this world to live in.   He loves us enough to forgive us of our sins, and to welcome us back home as we do all He would ask us to do.   He loves everyone who ever has, will or is living on the Earth.   There is a strange concept taught out here that God doesn't love us when we sin, but I testify that he loves us even when we sin.   I know he is there, and I know he loves us.  
"I though he'd never leave. Well that's what you get for sleeping with your mouth open."
"it was a run by fruiting!"
"I thought I was the cute one. No you're the fat stupid one with the big mouth! What are ya saying exactly?"
"No, I don't need a hand, I need a face."
I love you all.