Monday, November 17, 2014

"it's your anniversary!"-Phineaus and Ferb "Do you know anyone who's happy to see a mosquito?"-Bee Movie "Let it begin!"-Bolt "I need you to stay [in Chegutu]"-How to train your dragon (Nov. 10th Post)

Hey now, just so ya'll know, fifteen years ago, my Mom and Dad got married.  In Las Vegas, by a preacher man who looks like Elvis.   Or I think he did, I don't really remember it too much.   But I do remember that I am super happy that my parents got married.   I can't believe it has been that long of a time.   Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad.
Man there are a lot of mosquitoes out here in Chegutu.   Sounds like they are supposed to spray the area to keep them from spawning and that they either forgot or decided not to.   Ether way I am happy for Deet, and for fans that stop them from landing on me.   I slap at them all the time, but they are fast little buggers.  

I can't wait for rainy season to get here.   I want it to cool off, I want the sky to be a beautiful gray, and I want to feel like I am back in Washington.   Hopefully either this week, or the beginning of next we will get rain.   I say LET IT BEGIN!
I am staying in Chegutu for one more transfer, and after that we will have to see.   But my dearly beloved companion Elder Hove is going to Ruwa in Harare, and I have a new companion Elder Muzonde.   I am pretty excited to have him, he is a young missionary, and it will be great working with him.   Don't know much about him yet, but I will.
This week was good.   We are still working on becoming a Branch, but it should be soon.   We have some great people we are working with, and a few more marriages coming up.  Surprise of the week, the drunk guy that kept bothering me, who I hadn't seen in a long time, is being taught by the other missionaries and they are hoping to baptize his family and get him to stop drinking and he came to church yesterday.   I almost had a heart attack.   It was cool.
Not much on my companion more then what I have sent.  
"A friend makes more then a dutiful visit each month. A friend cares. A friend loves, a friend listens. And a friend reaches out."
-Thomas S Monson President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
"Everything He does is for our good and our protection. There is evil and sorrow in the world, but there is no evil or harm in Him. He is our father, a perfect Father-and he will shelter us from the storm."
-Geoffrey R Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles
I love these men, the people we sustain as prophets, seers and revelators, are wonderful people.   I know that they hold the priesthood keys to lead and guide and direct this work.   I know this church is true, and that families can be together forever.   I know it and I love it.
"Wow that was great timing, now say money should be falling from the sky!"
I've had it with you and your emotional constipation!"
"Well then why do you call her aunt fanny? Couldn't call her aunt booty."
"I've never felt more alive! Good cause I'm gonna kill ya!"

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