Tuesday, March 25, 2014

"Happy Happy Birthday from all of us to you! We wish it was our Birthday so we could party two! Happy Happy Birthday may all your dreams come true!" Emperors New Grove

First and foremost, let me wish an early Happy Birthday to my wonderful Momma, and my wonderful sister-in-law Rylee!   Their Birthday is on the 27th this week, Thursday.   Momma may try to deny it, don't listen to her, just wish her a Happy Birthday.   I love you both, I miss you so much and I hope your day is wonderful.

Our area is doing good.   It is very hot in the state of California.   But that is okay.   We get to do a lot of great work.   We had 29 lessons, 150 contacts, I don't even know how much service and things are going great.   We have a lot of potential investigators, and our current investigators are trucking along, each at their own pace.   It is great to be out here sharing the love of God with those around us.   For everyone who doesn't want to stop and talk there is someone who does.   For everyone who isn't interested in our message about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and His Gospel there is someone who is.   For everyone who is rude or dismissive to us there is someone who thanks us for our efforts and service to the Lord.    The people out here are great and the work is progressing.   "The days go slow, the weeks speed by and the months trip over themselves getting out the door" that is what President Watkins says.   And it is so true.   We are into week four of this transfer, and April is right around the corner.   There is so much to do, so many lives to cheer, so many burdens to make light, so many of Gods children to edify.   It is great.  

Elder Dean is doing great.   He is a great district leader, and he does a really good job as a missionary.   He and I work really well together.   We are both super happy with the work that we get to do, and with the people that we get to meet.   He is healing up pretty well, though sneezing still hurts his ribs, as I am sure you can imagine.   But he doesn't let that slow him down, though we are more careful around that area of the street now.   Our district is doing awesomely, the Hermanas had a Baptism for three of their investigators and the Sisters have found some new investigators and it is all going great.

"God has put you here to make this place better."   Brother Fergison Ward Mission Leader Dry Creek Ward.

"Greater good can be accomplished by building up that which is great, then by breaking down that which is bad." -Unknown

I love these quotes.   There is a reason we are where we are.   The Lord is over all things.   When He puts you somewhere, make it better.   Build up the good, ignore the bad and let your light shine.   I know God is real, there are so many people who would say other wise, but I stand as a witness that He is real.  He is there, and He listens to us, He cares about us and He loves us.   I know Jesus is the Christ and that He loves us as well.

I love you all.

"You are a toy!"
"Take a deep breathe through the nose.  What are you getting?   Cause to me it is part man smell, and part really bad man smell."
"I said "Dart Gun" not Oh my!   Oh cause I was wondering.   Under what circumstances would we ever use this?"

Good morning, Sunshine. 3/25/2014

Dear Momma,

The weather is the same hot sun shiny stuff it always is.   We still need rain down here, but it seems like we have gotten all we are gonna get.   I am not surprised that you wore a sweatshirt, this is you we are talking about.There are no land slides here in Cali, but I hope they find the missing people and that you will all be safe.  

Yesterday we went to Santa Cruz as a zone.   Down to the Beach for Volley Ball.   It was fun, but it took a long time, specifically the bus ride there.   But yea that is why I didn't email yesterday.   Fun stuff.
 I will get to watch conference, wether at a members house or the church building I don't know.   We will also get to go to the Temple that week.   It would be cool to go on my Birthday.   It is weird how fast that came up. 

Paul is having some struggles.   My letter in your birthday package will explain what happened.   But he is back in his house for now, though he only has till the end of the month to move out.   It is hard for him.   But we are working to strengthen him.

Love you momma.   Here are some pictures, most of them are from Yesterday at Santa Cruz Board Walk.   Well the beach next to it.

Monday, March 17, 2014

"I am faster then fast, I am quicker then quick, I am [the last 5 months.]" "I think we finally have enough money to get you some headlights." -Cars

Wow!!! Five months into a mission.   It is so ridiculous how fast these past several months have gone by.   Can you believe how long I have been gone?   I can't!!!!!!!

Elder Dean needs some new head lights.   He got a new bike this week, and we haven't had time to get him some new ones.   So yea it will be a lot of fun, but we got to get him some head lights.

This week was great.   Our Investigator Paul is getting Baptised soon.   That is awesome.   He is progressing really well, and we are so happy for him.   We have a great less active family named the Benally's who we have been working with for a while who are almost completely active now.   Shout out to my Mother for being a help in that.   After we had a particularly good meeting with Sister Benally I told her to call Mom.   I felt that mom could help her.   So she emailed her, and it went great, as far as I have been told.   So thank you so much Momma.  I couldn't do any of this without you.   We have several people we are working with, and lots of potential Investigators we need to contact and that will be great.   I love this area, the members are super supportive and the work goes really well.

My Companion elder Dean is doing great.   I told you about his bike accident right?   Well we went to the doctor, he got x-rayed and he had no broken, cracked, bruised or other wise bones.   He is such a trooper.   He still hurts once in a while, but he does great work anyway.   I am learning a lot from him.   I love the guy.

"In as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these, my brethren, ye have done it unto me."  - Matthew 25: 40

"Your Heavenly Father loves you- each of you.   That love never changes... it is simply there." - Thomas S. Monson.

I have a testimony of service.   I know that we are the Lords hands on the Earth, and that as our Savior served through out his life, we ought to serve in our lives.   In the Ensign for this month we are told that our desire to serve others springs from our appreciation for the blessings that Heavenly Father has sent us.   I have made so many friends, non members, people who don't want to know about the Gospel, who have become our friends because we have served with them.   I know when we serve we are blessed as well as the people who we serve.   

I love you all.

"Oh yea, Shrek and Donkey off on another Whirl wind Big City Adventure! I love it!"
"I don't think these are flowers.  Maybe we should tell him... I think he knows."
"I never look back darling.   It distracts from the now." 

Zone Conference.

Monday, March 10, 2014

In response to a rumor...

Momma... " How are you?  How is your toe?  I heard you lost your toenail.... and requested funeral potatoes..silly missionary. "

Elder... " I didn't lose a toenail, my companion Elder Hogan did.   Got his toe smashed by the couch.   Anyway yes funeral potatoes.   I have been missing your food, what can I say."

"We can fly, we can fly, we can flyyyyy!" -Peter Pan "That wasn't flying that was falling with style." -Toy Story

No, you can not fly.   You can fall with style.   My companion and I have been switched to all bikes this transfer.   We gave the car to the Sisters who cover our area. We get it on P-day's for shopping and zone activity.  And because California Drivers don't stop Elder Dean was in a minor accident.   He is fine his bike not so much. 

This week has been very hot.   So yeah, a little bit of cool temperature would be nice.   But it is still beautiful.   
Our investigator Paul is getting Baptized at the end of the Month.   We had a great week with 27 lessons, and a lot of stuff got done.   We have several less actives we are working with, and the wards are supper supportive.   He is moving forward very well.   I am so excited for it.   

"Leave your area better then you found it."   That is some advice that we recived from President Watkins at Transfers.   That is such a cool thought.   We can make "Our Area" better then we found it in our home, our work, our school and everywhere else we go.   "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in Heaven."   As we let our light so shine we can make things better, every day.   We can strengthen our friends and family and people we don't even know if we will just let the Love of God shine through us.

No word on my Visa.   I kind of feel like I wont get it.   I feel that I needed to be with my MTC group to learn somethings about Humility but that I am supposed to be here.   I don't know if I will get it, but honestly I think I would be sad to have to leave here.   These people are becoming a part of me.   The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills.   If I am to go the Lord will send me, if not He will leave me here.   Either way, I am happy to serve.   

I know that this Church is true.   I know that people need to hear this message, and I am so blessed to be out here sharing it.   I know Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God and that if we ask God in the name of Jesus Christ we can find out for ourselves, you can know it is true two.   I know that this is the Lords work.

I am sorry this is so short, but I am pressed for time.

I love you all.

"I killed a man with this thumb!"
"Is this a pit? I think I am in a pit. That fellow better be back soon."

Mom what kind of cake do you want for your birthday?

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

"Stay, Put, There. You know what I mean." -How to Train your Dragon "Dear Darla, You make me vomit, I hate your stinking guts, You are the scum between my toes. Love Alfalfa"-Little Rascals

Well there are two quotes for my Subject today.   I will explain to you why in a moment.   But first I need to say Rabbit Rabbit!!!!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Hey Mom, you should send me a message telling me when everyone's birthday is.   I can remember most of them, but not all.  

Any way.   I am not being Transferred!   Or at least that is what we have been told.   The last few times I have been told that I wouldn't be transferred I was, so I think I will remain skeptical.   Any way, my companion Elder Hogan is being transferred.   He has been here in the Cherry Glen/Dry Creek area for six months.   That is about the length of time that president leaves people in an area.   So we are going to miss him and it will probably be just me and Elder Dean here in Cherry Glen for a while. Which will be great, Elder Dean is a boss.   This past week Elder Hogan and I have been sick.   Him for six days me for about four days.   So we had to stay home and I got to put to use some of the health training stuff Momma taught me.   Like how to make Soda Water for someone who has an upset stomach.   Elder Hogan was not happy with me about that one, but it did seem to help him.   Then I had some and it did help me.   When we were doing that Elder Dean went on Splits with members of the Ward and he got a lot of stuff done.   He is such a great missionary it is hard to believe.   Our Investigator Paul came to church again last week and to the Out Going Fireside.   That is a fireside for all the Missionaries who are going home this transfer, IE tomorrow.   It is so weird how fast this is going.   I am sure for my Mother it is going much slower then for me but you would have to ask her.   

My companion Elder Hogan is all packed up, and so the only thing left is to have one more P-Day and then send him on his way tomorrow.   I am really gonna miss that guy.   Something about spending almost 72 hours in a house with somebody makes you have to become friends.   And so we had some laughs, played some games, he disliked me for not letting him eat a lot when he was sick, it was a great time.   Elder Dean just did what he does best and was a great missionary, and rolled with the punches.   I don't think I am gonna get another companion but you never know.   

"When it starts to rain it is to late to build the Ark."
"The task ahead of [you] is never as strong as the power behind [you]."
-Brad Wilcox.  
I love these two quotes.   The first one is an obvious given.   If Noah had waited until it began to rain to obey God's command to build an Ark it would have been to late. When we receive a command from God we must follow it immediately.   When we do we will be safe from the Floods of Life and the Devils shafts in the whirlwind.   The next one is taken from a talk by Brad Wilcox titled "His Grace is Sufficient" and it is so true.   We all face tasks and trials in this life that may be hard, some of them may seem insurmountable.   But the task or trial will never be more powerful then God and Jesus Christ.   I testify that what ever we go through in life will only make us better and is as the Lord says in Doctrine and Covenants 121 it will "be for your good."   I know that as we call upon God and our Savior Jesus Christ we will receive the strength we need to carry on and to climb that mountain that we have to face.

I recently finished the Book of Mormon for the second time all the way through, and the first time on my mission.   I have started it again, looking for examples of faith, obedience and humility and their opposites; doubt, disobedience and pride.   I love reading the Scriptures and seeing how they apply in my life.   I want to bear my Testimony that I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God.   I know it because I took Moroni's challenge in Moroni 10: 3-5.   I asked of God and I received my witness that it is true.   I read it every day, and I read the Bible every day.   I have been working through the Old Testament.   I know that these two books contain the words of God as given to prophets.   I love them and can feel the peace of the Spirit when I read them.

"Go on Flint, it is fun.   No, no, no.   I've never had a snow ball fight.  I mean is there a point system to it or is it, to the death?"
"Finely I thought he would never leave.   Well that's what you get for sleeping with your mouth open."
"Shut up! Being a lady bug automatically makes me girl! Is that it? Fly boy!"   
"Oh Mike. I was on the TV! Hah! Did you see me I'm a natural! Hello? Yeah did you see it? It's your mom."

Do you know those ones?

Love you all.