Tuesday, March 4, 2014

"Stay, Put, There. You know what I mean." -How to Train your Dragon "Dear Darla, You make me vomit, I hate your stinking guts, You are the scum between my toes. Love Alfalfa"-Little Rascals

Well there are two quotes for my Subject today.   I will explain to you why in a moment.   But first I need to say Rabbit Rabbit!!!!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Hey Mom, you should send me a message telling me when everyone's birthday is.   I can remember most of them, but not all.  

Any way.   I am not being Transferred!   Or at least that is what we have been told.   The last few times I have been told that I wouldn't be transferred I was, so I think I will remain skeptical.   Any way, my companion Elder Hogan is being transferred.   He has been here in the Cherry Glen/Dry Creek area for six months.   That is about the length of time that president leaves people in an area.   So we are going to miss him and it will probably be just me and Elder Dean here in Cherry Glen for a while. Which will be great, Elder Dean is a boss.   This past week Elder Hogan and I have been sick.   Him for six days me for about four days.   So we had to stay home and I got to put to use some of the health training stuff Momma taught me.   Like how to make Soda Water for someone who has an upset stomach.   Elder Hogan was not happy with me about that one, but it did seem to help him.   Then I had some and it did help me.   When we were doing that Elder Dean went on Splits with members of the Ward and he got a lot of stuff done.   He is such a great missionary it is hard to believe.   Our Investigator Paul came to church again last week and to the Out Going Fireside.   That is a fireside for all the Missionaries who are going home this transfer, IE tomorrow.   It is so weird how fast this is going.   I am sure for my Mother it is going much slower then for me but you would have to ask her.   

My companion Elder Hogan is all packed up, and so the only thing left is to have one more P-Day and then send him on his way tomorrow.   I am really gonna miss that guy.   Something about spending almost 72 hours in a house with somebody makes you have to become friends.   And so we had some laughs, played some games, he disliked me for not letting him eat a lot when he was sick, it was a great time.   Elder Dean just did what he does best and was a great missionary, and rolled with the punches.   I don't think I am gonna get another companion but you never know.   

"When it starts to rain it is to late to build the Ark."
"The task ahead of [you] is never as strong as the power behind [you]."
-Brad Wilcox.  
I love these two quotes.   The first one is an obvious given.   If Noah had waited until it began to rain to obey God's command to build an Ark it would have been to late. When we receive a command from God we must follow it immediately.   When we do we will be safe from the Floods of Life and the Devils shafts in the whirlwind.   The next one is taken from a talk by Brad Wilcox titled "His Grace is Sufficient" and it is so true.   We all face tasks and trials in this life that may be hard, some of them may seem insurmountable.   But the task or trial will never be more powerful then God and Jesus Christ.   I testify that what ever we go through in life will only make us better and is as the Lord says in Doctrine and Covenants 121 it will "be for your good."   I know that as we call upon God and our Savior Jesus Christ we will receive the strength we need to carry on and to climb that mountain that we have to face.

I recently finished the Book of Mormon for the second time all the way through, and the first time on my mission.   I have started it again, looking for examples of faith, obedience and humility and their opposites; doubt, disobedience and pride.   I love reading the Scriptures and seeing how they apply in my life.   I want to bear my Testimony that I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God.   I know it because I took Moroni's challenge in Moroni 10: 3-5.   I asked of God and I received my witness that it is true.   I read it every day, and I read the Bible every day.   I have been working through the Old Testament.   I know that these two books contain the words of God as given to prophets.   I love them and can feel the peace of the Spirit when I read them.

"Go on Flint, it is fun.   No, no, no.   I've never had a snow ball fight.  I mean is there a point system to it or is it, to the death?"
"Finely I thought he would never leave.   Well that's what you get for sleeping with your mouth open."
"Shut up! Being a lady bug automatically makes me girl! Is that it? Fly boy!"   
"Oh Mike. I was on the TV! Hah! Did you see me I'm a natural! Hello? Yeah did you see it? It's your mom."

Do you know those ones?

Love you all.

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