Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Good morning, Sunshine. 3/25/2014

Dear Momma,

The weather is the same hot sun shiny stuff it always is.   We still need rain down here, but it seems like we have gotten all we are gonna get.   I am not surprised that you wore a sweatshirt, this is you we are talking about.There are no land slides here in Cali, but I hope they find the missing people and that you will all be safe.  

Yesterday we went to Santa Cruz as a zone.   Down to the Beach for Volley Ball.   It was fun, but it took a long time, specifically the bus ride there.   But yea that is why I didn't email yesterday.   Fun stuff.
 I will get to watch conference, wether at a members house or the church building I don't know.   We will also get to go to the Temple that week.   It would be cool to go on my Birthday.   It is weird how fast that came up. 

Paul is having some struggles.   My letter in your birthday package will explain what happened.   But he is back in his house for now, though he only has till the end of the month to move out.   It is hard for him.   But we are working to strengthen him.

Love you momma.   Here are some pictures, most of them are from Yesterday at Santa Cruz Board Walk.   Well the beach next to it.

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