Tuesday, March 25, 2014

"Happy Happy Birthday from all of us to you! We wish it was our Birthday so we could party two! Happy Happy Birthday may all your dreams come true!" Emperors New Grove

First and foremost, let me wish an early Happy Birthday to my wonderful Momma, and my wonderful sister-in-law Rylee!   Their Birthday is on the 27th this week, Thursday.   Momma may try to deny it, don't listen to her, just wish her a Happy Birthday.   I love you both, I miss you so much and I hope your day is wonderful.

Our area is doing good.   It is very hot in the state of California.   But that is okay.   We get to do a lot of great work.   We had 29 lessons, 150 contacts, I don't even know how much service and things are going great.   We have a lot of potential investigators, and our current investigators are trucking along, each at their own pace.   It is great to be out here sharing the love of God with those around us.   For everyone who doesn't want to stop and talk there is someone who does.   For everyone who isn't interested in our message about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and His Gospel there is someone who is.   For everyone who is rude or dismissive to us there is someone who thanks us for our efforts and service to the Lord.    The people out here are great and the work is progressing.   "The days go slow, the weeks speed by and the months trip over themselves getting out the door" that is what President Watkins says.   And it is so true.   We are into week four of this transfer, and April is right around the corner.   There is so much to do, so many lives to cheer, so many burdens to make light, so many of Gods children to edify.   It is great.  

Elder Dean is doing great.   He is a great district leader, and he does a really good job as a missionary.   He and I work really well together.   We are both super happy with the work that we get to do, and with the people that we get to meet.   He is healing up pretty well, though sneezing still hurts his ribs, as I am sure you can imagine.   But he doesn't let that slow him down, though we are more careful around that area of the street now.   Our district is doing awesomely, the Hermanas had a Baptism for three of their investigators and the Sisters have found some new investigators and it is all going great.

"God has put you here to make this place better."   Brother Fergison Ward Mission Leader Dry Creek Ward.

"Greater good can be accomplished by building up that which is great, then by breaking down that which is bad." -Unknown

I love these quotes.   There is a reason we are where we are.   The Lord is over all things.   When He puts you somewhere, make it better.   Build up the good, ignore the bad and let your light shine.   I know God is real, there are so many people who would say other wise, but I stand as a witness that He is real.  He is there, and He listens to us, He cares about us and He loves us.   I know Jesus is the Christ and that He loves us as well.

I love you all.

"You are a toy!"
"Take a deep breathe through the nose.  What are you getting?   Cause to me it is part man smell, and part really bad man smell."
"I said "Dart Gun" not Oh my!   Oh cause I was wondering.   Under what circumstances would we ever use this?"

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