Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4, 2013

Okay so big week this week.   Lots has happened.   Lots to say and a half hour to do it.   Lets see how this words.  
Elder Oleson and Elder Merritt and I woke last Wednesday around 3:45 to get dressed and ready.   We had packed most of the night before.   We got dressed and ready and we were still late getting to the travel office.   Elder Oleson even forgot his wallet.   But that was okay.   When we got to the travel office at the MTC we dropped off our keys and our locks, grabbed our travel info and went to the bus.   We could have sat at our room for an extra hour though.   A pair of sisters was slow getting there, so we didn't leave till around 5 instead of 4:30 like originally planed.   The bus ride was fun, we got to talk with the other Elders and the Sisters who were going to San Jose as well as us.  
When we got to the airport Elder Oleson, Merritt and I had to print our boarding passes since this was kind of last minute.   Then we paid for our bags, and headed toward the plane.   We still had an hour or so before we had to board, so we tried to call home.   I was sadly unsuccessful at reaching my momma, but I did get a hold of Grandma.   Then we got on the plane.   This thing was tiny, like two rows of two seats barely big enough for a normal person to sit in, let along a giant like me.   My head was brushing the top of the plane as I walked to my seat.   The flight passed without anything happening.   I slept a little bit.   Then we landed in San Jose.  
We were met by the AP (Assistants to President) and one of the Presidents Councilers I do believe.   Then we picked up our things and headed to the institute building where we would eat lunch and meet the President.   We went through a little introduction stuff and then we met the Mission Presient, President Watkins and his Wife.   He talked with us for a little bit then we all had a short interview.   After that we were sent out to Contact.   The Mission President explained to us that we don't do tracting around here.   We do lots of service, we try to help reactivate less actives and we talk to everybody we meet or pass on the street about our beliefs, trying to get numbers to go to peoples houses to teach.   So Elder Merritt and I went to try some contacting.   We actually didn't do to bad.   We had a few good talks with people, gave out some pass along cards and it was actually pretty fun.   We did get a lot of people who told us they weren't interested, but that was okay.  
Then we went and reported back and all the other people left to go to the mission home.   The three of us visa waiters were given to our companionships.   We all have two companions.   My companions are Elder Rollins my trainer and Elder Arnell, the Junior Companion of the two.   There was no down time.   We got me a bike, got to the apartment, dropped my stuff off and then went to a few lessons and a Dinner appointment.   The days have been like that almost consistently.   Service, lots of appointments to see people, lots of doors not opening and dinner appointments with ward members.   I have been fed by the Bishop, and the Relief Society President and a few others planned for this week.   Lots of great people who make great food.  
Our apartment is small.   For the last six days it has been me, and Elder's Arnell, Rollins, Housekeeper and Mossure.   There are only four beds.   I have been on the couch.   It isn't to bad, although the couch is not really big enough for me to sleep on.   We are living in the add on part of a members house.   The member is Brother Taylor, the High Priest Group Leader.   He is a great guy, and we have a few really great investigators.   The ward is so small.   There are maybe eighty people in the ward.   
My zone is great.   We even have a pair of sign language Elders.   I got to go on Splits with Elder Le Beau, because his companion was sick.   I learned a few things while going to completely deaf appointments.   Number one, I don't know as much sign as I need to to be able to contribute to lessons.   I learned how to pray in sign language, and I even got to help with a blessings in sign language.   That was really fun, and a great learning experience.  
I love how people recognize us.   My companions and I will be biking along the road and some guys will drive past and yell "Mormons" or some kid will see and yell "Hey I'm Catholic by the way" or the most funny is when people see us and then cross the street, or turn around, or wont respond to a simple hello.   I just love how people know who we are before we open our mouths.  
Hey before I forget my new address is
38741 Glencoe Dr
Fremont California 94536
I am already loving it here in San Jose.   Can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for me.  

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