Monday, November 18, 2013

Nov. 18, 2013

Hey this one will be short.   Little new has happened since last week.  
We got to meet with our investigator Ronnie again.   Taught him the first lesson and offered him a BOM.   He still wont take one, and he asked for some time to gather his thoughts.   Don't really know what that means.  
We had a Ward Thanksgiving dinner this last Saterday.   One of those out reach to the Community things.   It went pretty good.   But we lost an Investigator on Saterday.   She said she wasn't interested anymore.  
Friday we had Zone Conference.   Talks were on being obediance, taking care of our things because the things that the Mission gives us are paid for with Tithing money, encouragement and praise for the work to be done and the work already done and a few others.   I got my picture taken with my Mission President, President Watkins.   He is really cool.  
Anyway when we got home, we went to leave to go and try to meet some people, and low and behold I wrecked my bike.   I know everyone knew it was coming when they learned I was in a Biking mission, but yea it sucked.   Tore up my knee, and had to stay home on saterday because it was still bleeding, and hurt really bad.
That is about all the exciting stuff that happened this week.  
Elder Melot

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