Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dec. 2

Hey, sorry now message about how the week went last week.   Nothing new happened.   We just went about the work.  
This week was really good.   And kind of not.  
The only real problems are I had to get a new rim from the bike garage down here, and I popped my bike tire two days in a row.   One time about a mile or so from our house.   We walked home.   We got caught in the rain going to a service project for the Tri City food bank and were soaked.   That is all that went badly this week.  
My knee injury is fully scabbed up, so it should be done healing soon.  
The good were last Monday Brother Taylor (the High Priest Group Leader who lets us live in the add on of his house) took us to the driving range and taught us how to golf.   It turns out he could have went professional if he had wanted to.   Elder Arnell broke one of his drivers, so that wasn't so good.   We got to take Ronnie on a church tour, and that went really well.  
Turkey Day the Bishop and his family had us over for dinner.   That went well.   Bishop actually called Grandma, and wanted to know about some of our genealogy (Turns out I may be related to the Elders Quorum President.)   I also got to play the Bishop in chess (I won).   This week has been very good.   But it was hard to get through my first Thanksgiving without my family.   Once I sat down and realized that I wasn't with them and thought about it I got really sad.   But I am okay, and the work moves on.  
I can't believe that it is December.   By the way Rabbit Rabbit!   The time is going fast.   I think I have been out here for almost two months now.  
Transfers are next week, and we will know on Saturday if any of us have been transferred.   I don't know if I will.  
I have to give a talk on Sunday.   That should be fun.  
Love you all.   Happy Holidays.

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