Monday, December 23, 2013

Dec. 23, 2013

Hey Momma just fyi, Elder Stimpson from my zone in the MTC  got his Visa approved.   Which means for me:  I have no idea!   My Visa could come soon or later.   But I am so excited for him. 

This week has been good.   The weather has heated up at least during the day it has.   That is nice, although my comp Elder Sant still wears a jacket everywhere we go.   He is like you Momma.   :)

I love the people out here.   We have a great investigator named Paul who is skeptical in a good way.   He wants to know for himself wither what we tell him is true, so he plans on reading the Book of Mormon for himself.   That is so exciting.   He is a great guy and we have already taught him two lessons.   

This week may be a little slow.   I don't really know how many people will be home for us to talk to on the week of Christmas.   But we wont be letting that stop us.   We will keep up the good work.   

We get to see the extremes of personalities out here.   When we go street contacting we find people who are nice and thank us and even encourage us to continue our work, but decline the invitation to learn more.   We get people who wont even look at us as they walk past.   We get the great ones where they listen and ask questions and say they will go to and do some research of their own, or even take a Book of Mormon.   Then we get the ones who are not so good.  But those are few and far between.   So things are good.   

The work is good and we have learned to work really well together as companions.   I am so happy to be out here.   

"Are you wearing any jewelry?   Are you allergic to shellfish... Okay lets make it happen captain!"    

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