Monday, December 30, 2013

December 28

Merry (after) Christmas!!!

This week was a little slow to be honest.   But it was a good week.   It was slow because the holidays seem to have a lot of people out of town, or busy with family so they don't really have time for us.   It was good because the people we did get to meet with were awesome.

Christmas Eve we had a Mission Devotional/White Elephant gift exchange and breakfast.   All 250 some-odd of us missionaries in one building.   But the building was huge.   Like made to hold eight wards huge.   This was thing was a castle it was so big.   I wish I had had my camera.   But oh well.   I got to see my Mission Papa's.   (let me explain for those who don't know what that means; missionaries have their own terms for things.   Your trainer is you dad/papa.   Other lingo's are like me.   I am a red headed step child.   Which means this since I am a visa waiter I am a "red head" and since I was sent away from my trainer before I completed training I am a "step child".   This lingo is as far as I know specific to the California San Jose Mission so if you ask other missionaries and they look at you like you're nuts that is why. :)   Any way it was great to see the members from my last zone and the talks were great.  

Christmas day was even better.   Our zone had a breakfast of pancakes, bacon and steak.   There were a lot of card games played and we had a great time.   Then me and my companions went over to the Michael's house ( a member family in our ward) and they fed us breakfast and we opened our presents and then we had the piece de resistance.   We got to call home.   And for 45-55 fantastic minuets I got to speak with my family.   I am not afraid to admit that I cried with each progressing family member to speak to me culminating with bawling at my Daddy and my Momma.   Please don't think this has caused me to lose sight on my sacred calling.   It has not.   In fact it gave me a new sense of strength and purpose and comfort that my family is being taken care of by Heavenly Father while I am away.   We were blessed with the opportunity to visit a less active member named Pete who we shared a movie with namely Mr. Kruger's Christmas and we gave him a blessing a few days before (actually it might have been a day before.)   We got to eat dinner with a less active family and the day was all together wonderful.   I received several letters from people; Sister Lewis, Sister Cox, Nikki Bradshaw, Bryce Barager, Auntie Jessie, Kristen (once) Kimball and Harry Steffens.   

The rest of the week was great too but I am being told that we are over our time limit.   

Love you all.  

Happy New Year.   This picture is for you Momma.  It is your gifts to me.  Thanks Momma. It may be hard to see. 

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