Monday, December 9, 2013

Family note. Dec 9.

Good Afternoon my Momma

I wear the coat a lot.   It is so cold and dry here, that it is rediclous.   The only real problem is that my knee gets cold and starts to freeze up, and that makes it hard to peddle my bike.   But I am surviving, and thriving.  
We got to see half of the Christmas Devotional with the Taylor family last night since they had us over for dinner.   It was pretty good the parts we got to hear, so you should try to find it.  
When I wrote that letter to Daddy I was really missing him.  I talk about him a lot while I am meeting with people.   So I wanted him to know how much I miss him and love him.  
My talk went great, I might send it to you.   I talked on Christmas and two talks, one by President Hinckley and one by Elder Holland.   They were really good talks and people told me I did really good.  
I am being Transferred tomorrow, and so I will have to get my Comps to send me that package.   We were invited out to Presidents house for dinner last night.   It was really fun, and it was great to see them.   I hear dad called President.   Sister Watkins said it was cute.
Bishop Chambers gave us a tree for Christmas and a less active member gave us lights.   I met a Sister out here named Sister Bodily, who we are related to.   She asked for Grandma's number so she could see exactly how.  
I don't know yet where I am being sent to, I wont know till tomorrow.   Dovie'and Se Tiva'sagain and all that good stuff.  
You are my rock and my light Momma.   I feel your love and look for the moon nightly, finding it on the other hand is another matter.  
I love you so much.   "Have yourself, a Merry little Christmas.   Let your heart be Light."
Your Gia'dain
Elder Andrew Melot  

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  1. We miss you and think of you daily Andrew! Please let us all know where you will be for Christmas! Love ya, the saxeys!~