Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Answers to Momma's questions... and the questions too.

Mom:  I was hoping to have this email for you to read today when you prepare to send us one.... does this work or should I send paper letters instead?

Me:  I get the emails and letters just fine.   The letters are nice because it is fun to get mail in the middle of the week, and the emails are nice because I can reply instantly (on Mondays).  
Mom:  Did you get the letter/package that we sent to you?  Am I ever going to get a picture of you with your badge on???

Me:  I got the package and the letters.  Thanks mom, the letter brought tears to my eyes.   I can't send pictures without something to hook my memory card up to the computer with.   Sorry.
Mom:  Quickly, I wonder if you have heard about the typhoon in the Philippines?  I am sure that you have.  I want to assure you that Cousin Geoffrey is fine.  We have heard from him since the disaster and other than the fact that he will be without electricity for 3 months or so he is ok.  The island he is on was not hit as badly as some of the others so he will be alright.  Pray for him and his companion as they help with the clean up and recovery efforts.  What a mess.

Me:  It is good to that Geoffrey is okay.   We had heard about it, but there were few details that we could get.   I am glad he is safe and sound.  
Mom:  How are you? 

Me:  I am okay.   I wrecked on my bike on Friday right outside of the house.   Shocker right?   My chain came off the gears and I took a chunk out of my knee.   But it is healing and so will hopefully be better in a few days.
Mom:  Bro. Bradshaw asked about you in Sunday School yesterday and they passed out the addresses of the missionaries from our ward.  Did you realize that there are 6 of you?  They mentioned that our ward has not had that many missionaries at one time in many, many years.  How cool is that? 

Me:  I didn't realize there were six of us out here.   That is very cool.   What did Brother Bradshaw ask?   How is the ward doing, and do you know if Nikki got my letters?
Mom:  Please, do not stress our missed phone call.  I have saved your message and it brings tears to my eyes but joy to my heart to hear your voice.  Don't focus on it anymore, ok?  I promise I am fine and each day brings us closer to our next chat...which I will not miss!!!  

Me:  I am okay with the missed call.   I am glad that you got to hear my voice and I look at the moon every night that it is out and I think of you.   Can you feel my love through the Bond?
Mom:  FYI... Orting football lost their game on Saturday to White River so they are out of the playoffs.  Apparently it was a hard fought game but Orting really did not stand much of a chance.  We did not attend.. it was wet and cold and dark so we stayed home and I slept in the chair.  Shocking, huh?  

Me:  It is kind of sad that the team lost their game, but they had a pretty good year so they can be happy with that. 
Mom:  What are you going to be doing for Turkey day? As you know we are going to Utah... are you being fed or making your own?  

Me:  I do believe that the Bishop and his family are planning on having us over for Turkey Day.   We had a Ward Turkey Day on Saturday and I made a pie.   It turned out pretty good too.  
Mom:  Is there anything that you need?  Want?  

Me:  Now that I think about it I could use some more stamps.   I wrote several letters today.   But I could find those at the store if you want me to.   I want Kenji and Bryon's email addresses if you can give them to me.  
Mom:  Take care of you and remember that "men are that they might have joy"... I hope you are enjoying your missionary challenges and having some success along the way. 

Me:  I am really enjoying my time here and I love the people I am with.  
Mom:  Have a great day, Elder.  Smile.  Sing.  Shine. 

Me:  I miss you and the family, and Love you all.  

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