Monday, December 16, 2013

New Area, New Companions, same Great Calling 12/16

Hey for those of you who missed the message I was transferred this week.   That means that me and Elders Rollins and Arnell and I had to go to Mission office and have a meeting with everyone who was being transferred.   Then at the end of the meeting we were told who we were companions with and where we were going.   I am serving with Elder Mercer and Elder Sant.   We are serving in Cambrian Park in South San Jose.   Our address is 1977 Heimgartner Ln #17 San Jose CA 95124 in case anyone wants to know.   So I said my goodbyes to my old zone and my hellos to my new Comps.   Whats really funny is Sister Voyles of my old zone totally predicted that I would be sent here for my next area.  How weird is that?   

So the area is great and so are my Companions, though one of my companions and I have a few different opinions on how things ought to be done.   Oh well, we are working through it and I am sure we will be all the better for solving our differences.

It is cool seeing how the work doesn't change even when the area does.   But it is weird because I have had to change my usual habits what with new people.,   But that is okay to.   All part of the work.   

We got the opportunity to help some women who own or run a art studio for kids.   They were trying to move a large thing made for cooking glass and they were struggling with it.   So I went and volunteered our assistance and they gladly took it.   Acording to Elder Mercer, who has been in this area for a transfer those ladies used to give the Elders weird looks when they would walk past.  Now they smile and wave at us like old friends.   I think that is great.   

That is about it.   

"I see you have a sword.   I have one too, they are very manly and... tough."

Much love 

Elder Melot

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