Monday, January 13, 2014

Rule number one out here Always no Never take an Investigator to Gospel Doctrine Class!

Okay so I will be taking advice I received from my Auntie Lizzie.    Love you Liz.

My area is going great.   We have biked 90 miles this week ( my comp got a thing to measure our distance.)   We got three new investigators in this week.   Our investigator Paul came to church yesterday and we took him to gospel doctrine class and guess what we learned?   Abraham 3.   Yep you know the one.   Full of deep doctrine and all that good stuff.   Hence the subject.   NEVER TAKE YOUR INVESTIGATOR TO GOSPEL DOCTRINE CLASS!   So we will stick with Gospel Principles with investigators.   The members are great and the Ward Council is very supportive of us.

There were some bumps in the road.   On Friday we learned that all of our investigators were busy and that we weren't gonna be able to meet with them.   That was hard.   On top of that one of our investigators dropped us.   He and his wife were sick, and we stopped by to see if they were okay, and he took that as pushing and got scared.   

But there is good news and there is light at the end of the tunnel.   (This is a story you can use for the church report mom)   We went to the store to buy some batteries for my companions bike lights and a woman collecting money for a charity called out to us.   Her name was Brandi.   She asked us how we Mormons were different then Christians.   After that we had a great discussion about our faith and she took a Book of Mormon, and when we explained that it was another Testament of Jesus Christ she said that it makes sense that there would be more Testaments of Him and that if the Bible and Book of Mormon support each other that it would all make sense.   She was a perfect person to talk to and had she not called out to us, we may never have spoken.

My companions and I are doing well.    We are really working well together, we support each other in what we do.   We have learned to use each others strengths and to help each others in our weaknesses.   They are Elder Daniel Mercer from Colorado Springs Colorado, and Elder Richard Sant from Saint George Utah.   They are a great pair of Elders who fully embody what it means to be Consecrated unto the Lord.

I know Heavenly Father is watching over me and keeping me safe.   I know he hears the prayers of my heart as I plead with Him to help us find people to teach.   Brandi is a perfect example of that.   I know He protects me and my companions.   Yesterday while on the way to a Less Active lesson Elder Sant swerved to avoid a pile of sticks in the road.   Apparently they put yard waist in the road here.   So because I couldn't dodge the pile I went through it and proceeded to land on the ground.   And then before I had much time to think, Elder Mercer landed on me.   Amazingly we were both able to walk away with little more then dust on our pants, smiling and laughing.   No torn clothing (or skin) no messed up bikes and no problems.   We continued on to our lesson with out any problems. I know that my Heavenly Father loves me enough to keep me safe and to answer my prayers.   I know this is the work of the Lord and that He is hastening His work.    

A scripture I enjoyed this week came from Alma, I don't remember where.   It said that we should teach the Gospel with boldness but not overbearing.   That touched me because I was struggling to be bold.   After reading that and some teaching from my Zone Leaders on how to apply it I am now bold in teaching and declaring what I know.   And the results aren't always an immediate yes.   But I am happy to know that I am serving to the best of my ability.

"I hope you like the loop-dy loops!   I hope you like carrots!" 

"I said dart gun not Oh My.   Oh cause I was wondering, under what circumstances would we ever use this?"

"Him?   He's a Panda.   You're a Panda.   What are you gonna do big fella, sit on me?   Don't tempt me."

Do you know these?   
Love you all. 

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