Monday, January 6, 2014

Today, Jan. 5, 2014 Momma and Boy email

Dear Elder Andrew, 

Good morning my beautiful boy.  How are you this fine, foggy morning?  We are all well.. I am getting ready to take Sister to the bus.  Did I tell you the school has decided to make all of the kindergartens full time instead of every other day?  Mikayla is very excited... today anyway. :)  

How was your Sunday?  We began our new schedule of starting at 9:30.. we had stayed up late on Saturday so it was a bit of a challenge but it was nice to attend church in the day time and come home while the sun was still out.  All of the kids have new teachers with it being the new year.  Nicolas has Bro. Dunn and Jeremiah has Sis. Phillips.  (Speaking of... Bro. Phillips asked me how you were and said to tell you hello... so ... here is their address that maybe you could drop them a short note if you have time... edited for privacy)... also Bro. Dunn had to jump start the Moose for us on Saturday after we all went to the Chiropractor and the Moose wouldn't start.  He was coming out of the bakery with Rex and Kolton so we asked him to help us because I did not want to walk home.  

How has your bicycling going?  Any new disasters?  Someone told me that missionaries are only supposed to tell their parents good news so that we don't worry... is that true?  I have not had a chance to look for any gloves for you.. is there a Walmart near you?  It might be faster if you just bought some...

There is not much news to report this week... we had testimony meeting at Church so we did not learn much there... I worked last night and that is always mostly the same... the moon looked cool thought last night... and Daddy is thinking about going to Haiti in May for two weeks..

So... what do you do on P-days?  Your brothers have asked me and I truly am not sure...

We are studying the Old Testament in Sunday school this year... the coolest thing we "learned" yesterday is that God knows who we are... do you ever think about that?  Heavenly Father not only knows what you are doing but he knows your name.  I find that so very amazing... I struggle with remembering Miah's name half the time..:)  

I love you my missionary.  Have a beautiful day today.  Smile at strangers and share your big spirit (I am not calling you fat...) and amazingness.  Sing. 

Water and shade to you, 

Dear Momma,

My Sunday and week have been great.   We got three new investigators and things with Paul are great.   The ward is great and we now have sisters co-covering our area, which is good since they can see people that we can't without another man there.   

I am only supposed to tell you the good things that happen, but nothing really awe-full has happened.   The hardest thing about this week was that the people who fed us last night had a little three year old girl who made me supper nostalgic and miss Mikayla.

I don't know if I really need gloves and we catch a ride with another companionship when we go shopping.   On P-day we shop, and do laundry and we clean house and we can do zone activities and we email and write letters.   That is about it.   At six we get back to work.   

I have thought about it a little that God knows me.   It is a little hard to grasp.   But wow this week we had Miracles

I am so happy to be out here doing the work.   If Daddy goes tell him to be safe and tell him I pray for him every night.   I pray for you two Momma.   

I love you Momma, Shade of my Heart.

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