Tuesday, February 18, 2014

"Wake up, Rise and shine, its another fabulous morning in the Big Apple! Lets go! Yea not for me. I'm calling in sick. What? I found another brown spot on my shoulder, right there. Melmen, you know its all in your head?"

Wow this was a good week.   I am loving being here, and the work is going great.   

We had an investigator come to church yesterday!   His name is Paul (not the same Paul from Cambrian Park.)   He was only able to stay for Sacrament Meeting, but at least he came.   We had two other investigators who came to Church last week, but we passed them off to the Sisters, for convenience.   We do a lot of cleaning up the highways here.   President Watkins wants us to get ten hours of service a week, so we do Garbage Man a lot.   It was so cool, we were cleaning up the streets and this guy rides past on a bike and tells us thanks.   Then he rides away, and about 30 seconds later he comes back!   And he is all like, "I had to come back, you never see this."   We spent like 15 minuets talking with him, got his contact information and he told us to call him, and said he would love to meet with us.   It is so cool seeing the way that the Lord puts us in the path of those who are being prepared to hear His message.   The guy's name was Nicolas, and he bore a powerful testimony about Jesus Christ and Miracles.   It was so cool.   And then he told us that to him it is very important that we were in a group of three, because he said threes are powerful.   He then told us like what he saw as our personalities, he said Elder Dean was wisdom and knowledge, and Elder Hogan was joy and laughter and he said I was powerful.   What is cool is Elder Dean is super smart, Elder Hogan has a great sense of humor, and he was like the fifth person to tell me that I am powerful and have a powerful presence.   It was cool, and we will be trying to get into contact with him.   Our ward council gave us a list of less actives that they want us to go see, so that will fill our weeks with people and names.   YES!!!!   The only bad thing was that Elder Hogan was feeling sick the past few days and threw up a few times, so we will watch him and make sure he is healthy.   

My companions and I are doing really great.   We have a great friendship, and we laugh a lot and have a lot of fun.   But we never lose sight of our Sacred calling.   We have been doing a lot of spilts as of late, meaning that one of us goes with members for a few hours, helping them have missionary experiences of their own, and since I am the only driver I get to spend a lot of time with my companions in a one on one situation, and it has really helped us learn how to work together.   

I have a Testimony of Prophets.   The Bible tells us that "Surly the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.   We were watching a video last night about the life of Joseph Smith.   And the more I think about what he and his brother Hyrum went through from being persecuted, to being martyred at Carthridge Jail the more I know that if they had not been called of God, had Joseph not seen that Father and Son, had Hyrum not known his brother was a Prophet they would not have gone through what they went through.   But more then that, every time I go through their story, every time I learn about what they did, I have my testimony reaffirmed to me.   I know that Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God.   I know that he restored the Church of Christ to its fullest.   I know that he was given the Authority to act in the name of God to bless those around him, and I know that I have that authority as well.   And I know that Thomas S Monson is now our Prophet.   I know he leads us in the ways of the Lord, and that he will never be allowed to lead us astray.   I know that we must follow the Prophet, and that if we do we will be safe.   "When it starts to rain, it is too late to start building the Ark."

Thomas S Monson once said "The Redeemer chose imperfect men to teach the ways to perfection.   He did so then, he dose so now."

Gordon B Hinckely once said "One way to know the Church is true is  because if it wasn't 19 year old missionaries would have ran it into the ground centuries ago."   

I am not perfect, but that is okay.   Him who the Lord calls, the Lord qualifies.   There have been a lot of times where my companions and I have bumbled or made mistakes, but that is okay.   We don't convert people, the Holy Spirit does.   I love to be out here, I love seeing how even when I mess up, the Lord covers for me. 

"Just one more chorus and we're out."
"This one, this one, oh! Tony, he don't speaka English very good."
What you need is a log puller.   I said a log puller!"

What are these from.   You ought to know.       

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