Monday, February 3, 2014

"Well thats a big Surprise! Oh that's an incredible Surprise! I think I'm gonna have a heart attack and die from that Surprise!"

Well this week has been full of Surprises.   A great week but lots of stuff happened.   

I am in another new area.   I was emergency transferred out to Seaside Monterey so that I could help an Elder who needed a companion while he waited for his actual companion.   So I was there for two weeks, and I loved it.   The people were great, and the area was beautiful.   It was a great experience.   And then at the end of two weeks I was going to go back to Cambrian Park.   

But, I was Surprised with the information that I wasn't going to Cambrian Park.   I was being emergency transferred in my zone to Cherry Glen/Dry Creek areas, because the Elders there needed a driver.   So I went to mission office and I filled out the papers to gain what is called Driving Privileges, so that I could drive.   That took some time, in which I bid farewell to Elder Horlacher for the time being.   After that I went with my new companion Elder Dean and the Zone Leader Elder Mohl to work in our area.   They were on exchanges and at the end of the exchange we went and picked up Elder Hogan.   And I have been driving ever since.   (Mom, please don't freak out.   I am being careful and President trusts me,or he would be letting me drive.)    So now I cover two wards.   Dry Creek and Cherry Glen.   I honestly don't know much about them.   I only got here on Saturday. But from what I have seen so far they are great areas to be in and I am with great Elders ( I knew them before the transfer that sent me here) and the wards gave me a nice big warm welcome.   I am going to enjoy being here, I just know it.

My companions are Elder Jackob Dean, and Daniel Hogan.   Both of which are from Utah.   They are both in the second half of their missions and are both very experienced in the work.   Elder Dean is super athletic, to the point of hauling us out of bed to go running in the morning.   You know what they say "My momma always says, What doesn't kill ya makes you stronger." "That's the stupidest thing I have ever heard."   (Can anybody name that movie?    Elder Hogan is a Whovian (fan of Doctor Who which will make this very fun) and a Brownie (or a fan of the The Ponies) and we laugh and quote Doctor Who a lot.   I love being here already.

I have a Testimony that this is the Lords work, not one persons.   At the beginning of my Mission, I was told that President likes to leave people in one are for about six months.   I have had three months in the Field and I have already been in four areas, and had 7 companions.   The Lord knows where he wants me, and when he wants me to be there.   So I have learned, or at least am trying to learn, that where He wants me to serve is my Home, and my Zion.   I have seen his hand in my mission, helping me and my companions to know what to say and do to help people.   He blesses us in so many ways.   I have seen on days when it seems no one wants to talk to us, and everyone gets mad at us for trying are the days that He sends a member family from out of state to holler at us out of their car because they want to say "hi" and give us fruit snacks because they can.   The Lord blesses us with what we need, not always what we want.   But he always blesses us.

I heard a quote this week, yesterday in fact, from a Sister here in my zone.   I really liked it and it rang true.   It said "You don't need to tell God how big your storms are, when you can tell your storms how big your God is."   And I liked that.   It is true, often times in life we get caught up on our problems, and worry to much about what is happening to us, instead of putting our trust in the One watching over us.   I know that we all face storms in life, big or small, but I also know that God sees every problem, every storm, and every tear that comes into our lives.   And I know that as we trust in Him and lean on His arm for our strength, we can endure any storm that comes our way.

I love you all.

"At ten you got to get a girdle from some Amazons"
"What a Woman!"
"Nymphs! They can't keep their hands off me."
"I thought I was the cute one?   NO you're the fat stupid one with the big mouth!   What are you saying exactly?"

Can you name those?   This week is easy.   Every other one is from the same movie.   So do you know who says it?    

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