Sunday, May 25, 2014

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May 25  10:32am

I hope this email finds you and the family in good health and spirits.
We had lunch with the Elders yesterday, spent 2.5 wonderful hours with them.
Tonight they will have dinner with us.
Elder Melot and Elder Dean have become like family to us. I fought back tears as Andrew was telling me of his schedule for the next few days. His voice was filled with excitement while his face clearly showed the mixed emotions he is experiencing. 
He asked for deep fried burritos for dinner tonight and recalled tenderly how his dad made the beef, bean, and cheese burritos and fried them.
I wish Andrew could stay for one more transfer, Annie will turn 8 in mid July, it would have been awesome for Elders Melot & Dean to baptize her. Elder Dean will be able to baptize her.
I can't convey how much Andrew means to us. His leaving is tearing my heart apart. I can only imagine how you felt when he left on his mission! Please keep in touch, I look forward to your emails.

May 25  4:28pm

The Elders sat next to me, I always feel special when they do that. I've been home 2 hrs and still have lots to do beforw Andrew & Jack arrive. It broke my heart to tell Andrew I could not attend his fireside meeting tonight. I just can't say bye to him there.  Btw, when he was over yesterday he said he misses hearing you say you love him more than marshmellows! It was a cute story ;)
I still see concern in Andrew's face. He is worried about the long flight ahead of him, stating he doesn't fly well. He's thankful there will be "sleep time" on the flight. I'm thankful he has a companion flying with him, one he knows and likes is an added blessing.
I sit here praying for safe travels for Andrew and his companion. I will be on edge until I hear he arrived safe. So let me know!! 


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