Monday, June 16, 2014

"I love you Daddy" -Shrek Forever After "I hate spiders" -Madagascar

Hey Sorry no weekly letter last week, I had a maroongo activity with the other white people in my Zone.   The natives didn't want to go so they stayed behind.   Maroongo means "white-person" in Shona.   So yea I get called that a whole lot of the time.   It is kind of funny, kind of irritating.   But oh well.

We eat a lot of rice or sadza, a little protein and some veggies.   PB&J is my usual lunch.   There is a store but it is in town so it takes some getting to.   But they have a market around our area so we can get by.  

Happy (late) Fathers Day.  They do celebrate Fathers Day in Zim.   It was cute they had a primary presentation all about Fathers and their importance.   It made me miss daddy so much.  It feels weird that I have been out here that long.   Eight months today.   That is really interesting.   Any way I love you Daddy!!!!!   I really miss you and wish I could have been there yesterday.   I hope your day was great and that things went well.   Did you get anything good?

Okay on to mission stuff.

I had my first Baptism of my mission on Saturday!!!!!!!   It was a nine year old named Tamsonqa (don't bother trying to pronounce it you won't get it right) who's older brother is a member and often goes with us to lessons.   I got to Baptize him and it was great.   I loved it and it was an amazing experience for us both.   Yesterday he was confirmed a member and he received the gift of the Holy Ghost.   We have had a few ups and downs in our area, investigators who we can't find, investigators who live at their parents for convenience and their parents say that they don't have religious freedom in the house, power going out right when you really wanted it, and giant spiders in your wardrobe.   I hate the spiders.   They are big and they look like wolf-spiders, and they go really well with the bottom of a shoe.   I found a pretty big one in with my clothing last night, and safe to say I screamed when I saw it and proceeded to get a shoe and smash it.   Spiders 0 Elder Melot 1.   HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Elder Njuguna and I are doing great.  (Me and my comp are getting by).   I kind of figure if he wants to lose blessings for him and his family I will let him, but I will not let him do anything major.   I refuse.   I simply refuse.

 I am picking up more and more of the areas layout and Shona as the days go by.   I am making friends with members and investigators.   Elder Njuguna has a great sense of humor and he loves to have fun.   It is really cool being with him for the transfer.   We don't know if it will last much longer then that.   President Cook told all seven of us visa waiters when we came in to expect to be training soon.   So next transfer I could be separated from Elder Njuguna.   That would be sad, we have really become great friends.   He always gets cold like you Momma.   It is kind of funny.

We have bedding it is thick and warm.   It only gets cold once in a while and is warming up a little bit.   I was thinking of sending home things that President Cook said I probably wouldn't need, but I probably will just keep them.   I have not received any letters as of yet.   

"To often we assume that the people who are closest to us must know how much we love them.   We must never assume...   We will never regret the kind word or the loving action shown.   What we will regret is if these moments are not shown to those that mean the most to us."
-Thomas S Monson.

I know that a very big reason we were given the families that we have is because it allows us to learn how to love those around us and to be taken care of.   I know that families are some of the greatest blessings that Heavenly Father has given us and that without my family I would be nothing.   

Nicolas I love you so much; Jeremiah my mini me I love you and miss you; dear Mikayla I so miss you; Bryon I love you buddy, Kenji (even though I know you don't read this email) I love and miss you and wish I could hear from you; Rylee I love you; Momma I love you more then all the Marshmallows in the world, Daddy I miss you so much, and can't thank Heavenly Father enough for blessing me to have you in my life.

"There is no water in this air!"
"Now I'm gonna eat this, but I am highly offended by it.

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