Monday, June 9, 2014

Short and Sweet 6/9/14

Dear Momma, 
I have not received a letter as of yet.   I don't think the mail is very reliable.   I don't really know. Speaking of mail, where do I send a letter to Grandma Mc?   

I remember the game farm.   I think.   Is that where you feed the animals bread?   It will be fun, and you will love it.   We have a Baptism coming up and I will be doing the baptizing, probably.   That will be cool.

The children call me a Moroungo.   Which means white-guy.   Please tell Dad he wanted to know.   

I email from a computer Cafe thing where most of the missionaries in the area go to email.   It is a nice place with a lot of slow computers.   

I live in a house with another companionship.   It is COLD!   They don't have insulation here, so it gets bitterly cold at night.  Our food is okay.   Cereal in the morning Sadza and beef for lunch (see the picture)


which is very weird and usually we make our own dinner, but sometimes a member will feed us.   

My companion and I are getting along okay.   We have butted heads a bit over the importance of being obedient, but when the white hand book and the Prophet supports me I win every time.   So he is working on being obedient.  

 I am in a Ward.   Pretty small maybe 50-65 active members.   They are great members though.   They just love us missionaries.   

I don't get to use my music currently, almost half of our zone is training and so they have to have the DVD players.   I might look into a way to not have to use CD's for music but I don't know.   

I love you momma, I may try to find a way to send some things home, apparently a lot of what I brought wasn't really needed.

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