Monday, June 23, 2014

"You know if you can sort of muscle your way past the gag reflex a lot of food options open up for you"-Rattatoui "I don't know what [he] just said"-Meet the Robinsons

I have been musceling my way through a lot of different foods as of late.   My comp wants me to try some kind of caterpillar.   That should be interesting.   With how many people here speak Shona and they talk so different from what I am used to that I feel like I miss a lot of what people say.   It is fun but it is difficult.   

Hey mom I finally got those letters you sent, like a month ago.   Turns out "Pouch" is a really appropriate name for the system out here.   They bring it to us with all of our mail in a great big pouch.   It is interesting, and was nice to receive those letters.   So in answer to your questions.   1.  Continue to send things to mission office, it is the safest most effective way to send things to me.   2. The memory card is in one of the boxes that I sent home(don't know which one).   3. It is cold at night, hot in the day, it is every dry currently, it is both green and brown, there are trees and desert, there are no mountains near me it is flat as can be.   4. Tell Dad that the meds bugged me a bit when I was on the plane, and I take them once a day everyday of my mission and for about a month afterwards.   5.Tell Mikayla I do have a toilet.  :)

This week was good.   We had an investigator family finally come to church, and they were originally found and taught about three months ago.   Which was great.   We had a visit from Elder Cook the Area President of the Quorume of the Seventy.   He was really cool, and we had training from President Cook.   We were told to put an emphasis on obedience and white hand book( it is really frustrating when the rest of the apartment doesn't listen) and to work on being great finders.   He reminded us that our loyalty is first to the Lord, then him, then our comps.   Which was nice, because it reminded me not to let my obedience slip, even when those around me do.   Then Elder Cook had a fireside on Marriage and family, which they are working to strengthen out here.   It was a good week, although we have had some ups and downs.

My comp is doing pretty good, but he has been sick for the past few days.   We gave him a blessing and I am sure that he will get better.   I don't have much to say about him today.

We read in the Book of James (and I am paraphrasing) that if anyone is sick to call for the elders, and they will anoint them with oil and bless them.   I love how it tells us how to perform blessings in the Bible.   

I know that the Priesthood is real.  I know that we can be blessed by the Priesthood, for it is the Power of God given to man.   I know it was restored to the Prophet Joseph Smith, and that is has blessed me and my family.

"Nymphs, they can't keep their hands off of me."
"Cool so its like a hotel for monsters?   Yean, a Hotel for Monsters, way to sum it up"
"Wow, surprise ending, my stories never end like that." 
Love you all.

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