Wednesday, July 2, 2014

"Wake up rise and shine! Its another fabulous morning in [Mkoba] lets go! Not for [Elder Njuguna, he's] calling in sick"-Madagascar

Yes I know I have used this one before but it is the only quote that I can think of that actually says the words "Calling in sick" and it fits for the week.   

My Companion was sick all week.   I mean we got to the area like once this week.   That was it.  The rest was Elder Njuguna sitting sick, and me sitting board.   All day long.   He slept for a decent part of it, but I just couldn't do it.   So I washed dishes, cleaned the Kitchen and read Bible Dictionary and played a lot of Solitaire.   That was most of our week.   The area was doing good when we got there, but nothing huge and major to report.   Sickness has been going around Gweru for a while now.   Elder Njuguna, Elder Jacopo, Sister Supero I think almost half of the missionaries in the Zone are sick.   So yeah, slow week.   But that is just how things go.   Bitter and Sweet, and all that opposites and opposition in all things stuff.   Have read some pretty cool stuff in the BD though.   I'm gonna be honest we have been struggling here and there me and my comp.   He is a dead missionary with almost half a mission to go.   President Cook has asked us to emphasis obedience and Njuguna just refuses to be obedient if he thinks the rule is stupid.   I try to talk with him about it and he gets mad, tells me it is a different mission so the rules don't apply and refuses to change.   So we have butted heads off and on.   It will get better, but it will take some time.   I feel like we haven't developed much of a friendship.   We work together cause we have to but he doesn't open up and talk about much of anything.   It is a little discouraging.   

A lot of the talks in Church yesterday were about the importance of taking care of your family, specifically of Spouses taking care of/supporting/loving each other.   That is a pretty big topic out here, since there the issue of Lobola and a lot of false cultural traditions, and such like that.   A lot of people hold to the whole, the man comes home and rests and the wife does all the work in the house, and the church is really trying to move away from that.   It is nice cause it teaches the importance of families, and helps to remind us missionaries what we ought to do when we get home.   It also helps cause it gives us stuff to share with people who have tribal  marries and need to understand the importance of a more permanent marriage.   It is interesting.

This week we had a "family fun day" put on by us the missionaries.   It was an activity to help get the community active.   The people out here are starving for activities.   It was a lot of fun, we played cards, had a scavenger hunt, played soccer, and a lot of other stuff.    It was great and we got to have fun with members of our district and build stronger friendships.   I love it out here.

Often times we play soccer out here, and I am in a walking area with the area I cover being about an hour away from where I live.   We live that far because security is better and there is more often power and water.   We cover two areas about the size of my second area Cabrian Park in San Jose.   We have a few investigators who have promise.   Ruth is an investigator who can't get baptised till August.   She was born really early and it effected her health really bad, so now cold water plus cold air equals bad.   Then there is Evidence, and Khumalo(but Khumalo needs to get a civil marriage first.)   That is an issue out here, lots of tribal marriages and they need a civil one to be baptized.   The area is pretty new so that is it for really progressing investigators.

I have not eaten the Caterpillar yet.   They look really really weird.
It doesn't really swirl, it just kind of goes.   Get a bucket of water and pour it in the toilet, that is what it does.   (Daddy wondered which way the water spun in the toilet..)

Speaking of the Fourth, tell Grandma Diane that I said happy birthday if you get the chance.  

It kind of looks like the Lion King, and kind of not.   There aren't so many animals as you expect and it is really western style out here.   Speaking of which; I would like for you to send me some recepies.   Simple stuff that I can make like Tacos, meatloaf, burritos, hamburgers, spaghetti,  maybe some desert stuff, (maybe stuff out of my cookbook?)   I find myself with extra money and figure I can eat better then PB&J even though I love them.   I can't find the actual seasoning packets but I can find  individual seasonings so I figure I can start to eat more american food.   

We sleep in normal beds, we have in door plumbing (its gonna be big) and it is a house.

I do still want those photos, if you don't mind sending them to me.   Often times I hear your voice in my mind, calling my name.   Wether it is to dinner or not I don't know.   I am slowly learning the language, President Cook actually says not to devote to much time to it since we use English to teach.   I have a flash drive and a can stereo to use to listen to my music. 

Jeffrey R Holland gave a conference talk a few years ago, where he talked about the importance of continuing to strengthen our faith.   He said something along the lines of "Honestly acknowledge your doubts and fears.   But first and always fan the flame of your faith.   For all things are possible to them that believe."   What a powerful statement that is.   He also has said "In this Church what we know will Always trump what we don't know."   If we have faith and believe then we can do all things.   We don't need to know everything for if we did we could have no faith, and we are to walk by faith.   

I know that I don't know everything.   But I know that what I know is enough.   I know that Jesus is the Christ and that if we have faith in Him we can over come all things, and we can be blessed.   I know obedience to God's laws will bring blessings, and I know exact obedience will bring miracles.   I know God loves all of us, and He wants us to come home to be with Him with our families.   I know families can be eternal through the Priesthood Keys that were restored to Joseph Smith.   I know God lives.

"Dishonor!   Dishonor on your whole family!   Take this down Cricket!   Dishonor on you, dishonor  on your cow,"
"Now look I'm not gonna eat ya! I just, ah look I just,"
"What if I plucked one of your antenna off and threw it across the yard?   Then who's the loser?   Me or you?"
"Man you gotta warn someone before you crack one off, my mouth was open and everything.   Believe me donkey if it was me, you'd be dead."

Love you all.      

I love you so much.   I miss you dearly.  

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