Monday, July 28, 2014

"Uhhh, guys I'm gonna need [some new investigators] guys? Oh well a [missionary] makes do."-Epic "They're beautiful aren't they? The stars?"-Men In Black

Well this week was pretty good.   We had Zone Conference, which means that all the missionaries in our zone came together for a meeting with President and Sister Cook.   It was good, but my companion was feeling sick.   We missed two or three days of work because of some bug going around.   It seems to be a come and go thing, but still, it is not fun taking sick days on mission.   

We have been going through a list of old investigators who we want to try to meet with now.   We have had little success with it, but it gives us names to see and places to go.   I just wish more of them wanted to learn.   There are those who "Know not where to find" the truth, but it is hard when you go to someone who used to be learning about the Gospel and they turn you down.   Oh well, we will make do.   

I have enjoyed the past few weeks.   I have started to cook more, which is nice.   I have been making real foods.  I love it.   Not living off of PB&J... so much.   I still eat PB&J, just less often, a little.   What can I say?   I love PB&J.   

My companion and I have been trying to get our ward more fired up for doing missionary work and other type stuff.   It is interesting how they are reacting.  Some are like "oh that would be a great idea" and others are a little more hesitant.   We will get it done, and this ward will do better.   We have helped some few less actives to come back into activity, which is one of my personal favorite thins to do as a missionary.   I love less active work.   And if I have learned anything from it; it is NEVER GO LESS ACTIVE.   I said that before I think, but it is a good reminder.   There is to much great things in the church to make less activity even considerable.   

My companion has gotten better.   He is no longer feeling sick, at least for the moment, and things are going good.   He is a fast learner of the area, though he talks a lot in lessons.   But that is alright.   I suppose I do the same thing.  

"Vision without effort is day dreaming.   Effort without vision is drudgery.   But vision coupled with effort will obtain the prize"
-Thomas S. Monson

"Winners never quit.   Quitters never win."
-President Cook

I really enjoyed these.   President Cook told us them in Zone Conference.   And it is true.   If you don't know where you are going then your effort is wasted, if you don't work to achieve you're dreams they will never get off the ground.   If you quit you will never achieve what you want to do.   The best way to achieve your best is to trust the Lord to help you do that.   The prophet Moses in the Old Testament felt he wouldn't be good as a prophet.   He had speech problems and felt he couldn't do the job he was being asked to do.   With the Lords help he was able to accomplish what the Lord wanted him to do.   There is a country song on my I-pod back home that says "if you wanna hear God laugh tell Him your plans."   I know that if we try to do our own things without trusting the Lord we will not accomplish all that we need to, or ought to.   But if we work hard, and follow the path the Lord wants us on, we will be able to achieve all that He wants us to, and become all that He wants us to be.   He will guide us if we choose to follow.

"There's one in every family sire, two in mine."
"Somebodies got to nail that girls fins to the floor."
"When I'm king what will that make you?   A monkey's uncle."
"And then this seagull came and it was all 'this is this' and 'that is that'"

Love you all.   See you in a week.

This is us in a KOMB, which is horribly small for a six foot 200+ pound man,


 and just cause I can, a picture I got from my old companion Elder Sant from Christmas after we had caroled to the mission President.   You can't really see me very much, but it was a blast.  

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  1. I just wrote a cool message and lost it. W we miss you think of you often. Are you using the cook book? Duncan getting his call soon! Love the saxeys