Monday, January 19, 2015

"Double Parking"-Atlantas "This my friends is [terrific Tuesdays]"-Lord of the Rings "Just start with [a] name."-Finding Nemo

I got to say people out here always double park me in.   Big old wide parking lot, lets park behind the red corolla, just cause we can.   Then they go get drunk so it is hard to find them and then even harder to get them to understand that you want them to move the car.   And usually it is a big old commuter bus, which is hard to get around.   It happens a lot.   Usually we can get out, but it takes time. 
There is a restaurant out here, called Pizza Inn, where they have a promotion called Terrific Tuesdays, where you can get two pizza's for the price of one.   A great idea if you ask me.   But here in Chegutu there is no Pizza Inn, so as you may well imagine, when we travel to a city on a Tuesday where there is one, we have a great time getting pizza.   It happened last week, and wont happen again for a while.   Parting is such sweet sorrow.   HAHAHAHA..... good times.
We here in Zimbabwe Harare Mission have a focus, on Temples.   So we have started to have members doing family history work.   We just tell them to start with a name.   It is great seeing them working on it.   They are, a lot of them, working on finding the information for their great-grandparents, which is great.   We are trying to get people ready to go to the Temple, and also, to get a Temple here.   That will be awesome, and we are hoping that it will happen in the not to far future.  
The area is doing great, and things are moving along.   I love the area, and the people are great, but there isn't to much new to talk about.   We are gonna be going to Kadoma, getting organized, and all that good stuff.   I am super excited.   I can't wait to see it happen.   Church history will happen soon soon.
"My beloved brothers and sisters, I testify of angles, both the heavenly and the mortal kind. In doing so I am testifying that God never leaves us unaided in the challenges that we face."
-Jeffrey R Holland
"If every husband and every wife would constantly do what ever might be possible to ensure the comfort an happiness of his or her companion, there would be very little, if any, divorce. Arguments would never be heard. Accusations would never be leveled. Angry explosions would not occur. Rather, love and concern would replace abuse and meanness."
-Gordan B Hinckley
I have had an interesting opportunity out here.   Never did I think I would be counseling people on marriage, and the importance there of.   Nor did I think I would ever see such a vast difference from one person to the next.   Some men out here are dedicated to their family in such a way that they would never let anything happen to them, and some are hurtful and rude to those that they should love the most.   It has taught me an important lesson.   I know the importance of a family being united under the laws of the land, and of God.   I know families can be forever, but we have to be willing to work for it.   I pray that we may all love our family as much as we ought to.   I had a wonderful example of this in my family, from my parents, and example I plan to follow when I get my own family.  
"They're about to elect  Isma emperor! I didn't know that was an electoral office."
"We wont hurt the chickens will we? What? No! We're just gonna shake them up a bit."
"You want to borrow my house? and me? And them, if it's not to much to ask."
"Oh, so I suppose the dog was the one whistling huh? I assure you I don't know."
I love you lots.   

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