Wednesday, April 1, 2015

"Just like last [P-day]"-NIghtmare Before Christmas "Filthy creatures"-Ratatoui "It's empty, see?"-Monsters Inc "[63] big ones"-Dispicable Me

Well, we do about the same thing on P-day.   Play soccer after emailing.   It isn't too bad, just wish they had a different idea once in a while about what we ought to do for fun.  Trying to figure out things to do, but not much success as of late.   That is okay, it is better then P-days in my last area.   

We found a rat in our house.   I tried unsuccessfully for about 15 minuets to kill it, but it was just too fast.   Couldn't manage to get it done, so I am not sure where it is now.   All I know is that it is nasty.   I hate those things.   Hopefully it ran away and wont come back but you never know.  

So having moved the other elders out of our house into their new house the one we are in is very empty now.   It is really sad, it feels weird to have it be only my companion and me in the house.   It is that way in most of the houses in Mutare, just two missionaries living where there used to be four.   It is soooo empty.  

Well, my birthday is coming up, and my mother sent me a package and out here you have to pay for the package to be delivered and so yea, 63 bucks on that one.   Thanks mom, I wont open it till my birthday, I promise.   I am excited to see what is in it.   

This week we had one investigator at church, and she is working towards a baptism on the 12th of April, and is showing great potential to be baptized that day.   That will be good.   She is a great person, a referral from another investigator.   We have another Baba investigator we are working with to get married and stop drinking, and that will hopefully happen so he can get baptized on the 26th of April.   That will be great, he is a good guy, and I hope it all goes well for that.

My companion has been having some health issues as of late, hopefully it will all get fixed soon, since he doesn't seem to be too happy with it.   

"As you act on a prompting and do it with love, watch as our Heavenly Father uses your willingness to act to bring about a miracle in your life and in the life of the person you care about."
-Thomas S Monson

"it is not possible for you to sink lower then the infinite light of Christ's Atonement shines."
-Jeffrey R Holland

I believe it is better to be a tender mercy then to receive a tender mercy.   I love the look on someones face when you surprise them by helping them without being asked or given anything.   I know that God wants us to serve and love our Brothers and Sisters.   I know that serving others helps us in our lives and that as we serve, we are blessed.   So go out there and find someone who needs your help and give them a hand, I promise that it will brighten their day, and yours.

"You have your order Director Fury.   Yeah, but since it is a stupid order, I've decided to ignore it."
"His name is Kirby? they left him behind? Darth Vader's Luke's father?!"
"Jarvis, are you familiar with the tale of Jonah?  I don't think it is a model you should follow sir."
"Did you just try to use the big voice on me?   Uh what were we talking about?"

I love you all.

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