Tuesday, April 28, 2015

"Winter is almost here"-Tigger Movie "To be fair the communication load is entirely on me in this [companionship]"-Phineas and Ferb "Garden [boy]"-Tinker Bell "I think I'll [stay in Mutare]. Again?"-Monsters Inc.

Or at least that is what I hear.   It has been cooling down more, even the hot days aren't too hot, but the last few days were pretty bad.   But it has cooled off somewhat and by the end of this transfer we ought to be neck deep in winter time, which will be nice.   I am so ready to be cold, or at least the equivalent of cold here in Zimbabwe.   They are saying it ought to be a really cold one for us.   We will see.

If I don't find something my companion likes to talk about, he don't talk much.   One thing I have found that he likes, baking.   We talk about it all the time, mostly because we don't have an oven that works right, so we don't really do it very often.   The oven burns everything we try to bake.   So if I don't find something he will talk with to me, then it is like Doofensmirts and Perry, I do all the talking and he just kind of walks.   Oh well, we are doing well and working hard.

Out here the only service we seem to do is that of gardening. and yard work.   Lots of it too.   Which is nice, cause I love service.   We help to prepare the land, we plant things, we water, we weed, haven't harvested yet, not the right season right now.   But we are gonna harvest at some point in time.

I am staying again in Mutare.   This is my third in Mutare, and with Elder Mandiquesse, which is nice.   We both know the area really well, and that means we can work without too much difficulty.   We get lost once in a while, mostly when we try to find new places.   Like new houses.   But we are doing well with that too.   If I had to guess this will be our last together, and maybe my last here, since after this it wont be much longer on mission.   But you never know.

We are back to being a four man house, and our district is now six people strong, we got a companionship of sisters back into the district.   So now we are gonna have more things happening out here, at least that is the hope for us.   Things are now starting to move along towards baptisms for us in Sakubva, we have a powerful investigator named Anyway and he wants to get baptized and he wants to serve a mission after he is baptized.   That is awesome, I love when that kind of thing happens.   I can't wait to see him get baptized.

My companion is a big joker.   Out here when you knock on a door the people inside call out" who is it" and if it someone we know well he will respond "Ma Porisa" which means the police.   Or when other missionaries call us he answers the phone "Hello this is the waterfall elders" cause everyone out here in mission dreams of opening Victoria Falls as a mission area.   He loves to joke around and sometimes it is hard to tell when he is being serious.   

"There is no habit, no addiction, no rebellion, no transgression, no offense small or large which is exempt from the promise of complete forgiveness"
-Boyd K Packer 

"Come now, and let us reason together saith the Lord, though your sins be as scarlet they shall be white as snow, though they be red like crimson they shall be as wool."
-Isaiah 1:18

I love the beauty of this message.   Our sins stain us red, and there is only one way to be made clean, and it is through our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ.   Through His great and atoning sacrifice we can be clean.   The savior wants to forgive us, wants us to become clean, and it only through Him that is able to be done.   I know He will forgive us as we repent, and that he joys to do so.   I know He loves us.

"I have 99 sons and one daughter, cause there's nothing creepy about that at all."
"Strange women lying in lakes, distributing swords, is no basis for a system of government."
"Is a smurfs bum blue?"
"Bring forth the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch."

I love you all.  

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