Monday, May 11, 2015

"I can't help it I [fingerspell]"-Phineas and Ferb "Now don't start that again"-Jungle Book "Never gonna see on of those again [on mission]"-Ice Age 2 "Then again maybe not"-Beauty and the Beast

Okay, so if you know me, you know that I twitch.   And that I love sign language, and that often times I finger spell when I am not focused on other things, and even often times when I am focused on other things.   Well my companion is getting on me about it.   People out here have a belief in magic and witchcraft and he thinks it could freak people out, my talking to myself and finger spelling all the time.   Well, let me tell you it is hard to stop.   I mean really hard to stop.   I have been trying but it isn't really happening for me.   Oh well.

Okay, so as missionaries we have certain things we do in the morning, one of which is companionship study.   So that starts at 9 in the morning.   So of course it is early in the morning and you are a little sleepy, so what happens, one of you yawn, and then it all just starts, he yawns, I yawn and it just goes back and forth.   It can be really irritating just because of how hard it is to stop it once it starts.   It is kind of funny, but still.

Okay, so this week we were blessed to be able to watch General Conference, and hear from the living Apostles and Prophet.   So the funny thing is I wont get to see the one in October on mission.   It took a month for this one to get out here to us.   So Conference will be in the first week of October, the next week will be my last one on mission, and then I will go home, and boom, I will have missed conference on both sides of the moon.   Strange.

Okay, so you know how last week I said winter is approaching and it should start soon.   Well, apparently NOT!   It has gotten hot again, like it was back in October and heading into summer, not supposed to be heading out of it.   So yea, the weather is being strange out here for us, and it is a little bit difficult because I am not the best at dealing with heat.   So, yea that is the weather report for this week.   not much more about it then that.

My area is doing good.   We have two people, really powerful that we are working with for Baptisms.   Brother Anyway and Sister Nomatter(they have some interesting names out here).   Brother Anyway is gonna be baptized on the 16th and Sister Nomatter on the 23rd.   That is great, they both really love the gospel and baring any unforeseen problems it will happen.   So lets not have unforeseen problems.

My companion is having some health problems as of late, with his heart, which is scary.   Hopefully it will all be okay.   I have already lost one companion because of health issues.

"A virtuous man and a worthy woman, sealed in the temple, can do difficult things as equal partners."
-Boyd K Packer

"We can not truly love God if we do not love our fellow travelers on this mortal journey."
-Thomas S Monson

After having had the wonderful opportunity to hear the words of the Prophet and the Apostles of God, let me say that the heavens are not shut.   God speaks to man now, just as he did back in the days of Elijah and Jeremiah and all the Prophets of old.   It takes faith for man to hear Him, but just because man lacks faith to hear, does not mean that God does not speak to him anymore.   I know President Thomas S Monson is the only true Prophet with God's authority on the Earth today.   I know he speaks the words of our Lord and our Savior.   I know it.

"So here we are, eating fish fingers and custard, and you're not afraid. So you know what I think? That must be one scary crack in your wall."
"An archery contest? Oh Robin, promise you wont go. Alright, I promise you wont go. Hey Robin didn't you just.. Cool it."
"Who looks at a screwdriver and says 'you know what this needs a little more sonic'?"
"Blinkon they've taken the castle.   I thought it was a bit drafty in here."

I love you all.

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