Friday, May 22, 2015

"That was a close one"-I can't remember "We're gonna play this one by ear"-Men In Black 2 "Friends never say goodbye."-The Road to El Derado "That's two [now]."-Star Wars

I know that I know what that first quote is from, but for the life of me I can't think of it.   Anyway the first two are together.   My companion was told that he was going home because of his heart stuff, then a day before he was gonna leave we get told he is staying and now we are supposed to drive more so that we can still do the work and not have his heart have problems, so now we are kind of playing things by ear, as far as if he feels like he can walk or if we need to drive to appointments, and so yea, it is kind of crazy and we are working on figuring it out.
So, we had a great Branch Missionary(a member who is called to help the missionaries with the work of the area) who has gone to his own mission now.   He was called to serve in the Uganda Kampala mission, so he went into the MTC last Thursday, and now he is getting his own mission on the road, and another friend of mine got his mission call to go to South Africa, my Ward Missionary down in Gweru, so lots of friends who are now getting ready to leave, or have left.   It is hard to say goodbye to them when they have to go, but we will do our best to stay in touch.  
So we had our second baptism on Saturday of last week, and that was great.   A 22 year old by the name of Anyway, who is super powerful.   He got confirmed on Sunday and he is just loving the Gospel and doing everything that we ask him to do.  He acts like he has been a member for the last ten years, and he has meshed so well with the members of the Branch, and I am just so glad that I got to teach him.   I love it.   This is God's work.

Also my companion and I hit our Two Transfer mark on Saturday, we have been together for the course of Three transfers but the time total has only been two since he came into one half way through.   Hard to believe that I have been here in Mutare for Three.
Our area is doing great.   We have started a Temple Preparation Class to help people prep for the Temple, and that is great, and we have picked up two new investigators.   We are hoping for two more baptisms this month, and that will be great if we get it done.   We should have at least one more, the second one is a little less sure.   Super good people that we have been blessed to work with.  
"The Atonement was an intimate, personal experience in which Jesus came to know how to help each of us."
-Merrill J Bateman
"There is no resting place along the path called faithfulness. The trek is constant and no lingering is allowed."
-Thomas S Monson
We call that continuing along the path, "enduring to the end" in this church, and we are working hard at it.   That is the best part, you get to go to the Temple, get sealed and all that good stuff.   But it is also the hardest part.   A man once said that you have to continue until you are safely dead.   Well that is true.   If you continue till you pass to the next stage of life then you have made it to the end.   It is a great trip to take.  
I am so glad that I have been blessed to be here.   I have come to love these people so much, and I am just so happy that I had the opportunity to be here.   I know that great blessings have come to me as I have been here in Zimbabwe.   I know that God's work is moving forward here, and that I have been blessed to be able to be a part of it.
"What? It's a bow tie, I wear a bow tie now, bow ties are cool."
"Hold your judgement, what e're you do, that man holds no more guilt then you! Who am I? 24601!"
"Hello, here's my invitation, see the Doctor plus one, I'm the Doctor this is my plus one."
"Red, the blood of angry men, black the dawn of ages past."
I love you all.

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