Wednesday, April 8, 2015

"yeah, I'm [21]"-Hotel Transylvania "Schools out!"-Guitar Hero 3 "I'm so-o-o-o [trunky]"-Phineas and Ferb "It calls to [him]"-Pirates of the Caribbean

I really have to say I don't feel like I am almost 21 years old.   But come Wednesday it will have happened.   How weird it is to be that old, and still feel like such a little kid.   I find myself singing Disney Songs, and Phineas and Ferb Songs, I laugh at random movie quotes that pop into my mind and all that kind of stuff a little kid does.   Scary that I am gonna be a leader of tomorrow huh?   Yea, scares me too.

Out here in Zimbabwe the Schools have closed for a month.   They do the whole three months on, one month off thing out here for school.   I almost think that is a better program, but I really enjoy those three months off right in a row.  Anyway, lots of little kids now running around and being crazy and all that good stuff.   Lots of kids that stare at me and all that stuff, my mom used to say I would stare at her like a monkey in a zoo, now I know how that feels.  

I have to be honest, I am getting a little trunky out here.   The littlest things can set me off.   Like certain songs, or quotes will just put me off my rocker.   I am still doing the work, but like at nights, when I am board and there is nothing to do, then I am just horribly trunky.   But I suppose that is how it is.   The Longing is beginning to take its toll.

I got my package from my family for my birthday and I am waiting to open it till the day of my birthday, but a member of my district wants me to open it really badly.   It is funny how much it bugs him that I haven't yet.   He wants to see what is in it and try to get me to give him some of it.   Funny.   

This week we are planning our first baptism here in Sakubva since I got here, which will be awesome, and I am excited for it.   We also did a family fun day activity, to play games and try to bring the community together to help people to see about our faith.   Not many people came, but it was still a fun time, and we did get some contacts.   

My companion is still the same old same old.   He likes to answer the phone by saying "this is the waterfalls Elders".  

"Be not afraid, only believe. Discipleship is believing Him in seasons of difficulty when our pain and fear are calmed only by the conviction that He loves us and keeps His promises."

"When you are involved in the work of the Lord, the power behind you is always greater then the obstacles before you."
-Dallan H Oaks

I have to be honest, I have had a bit of a rough week, what with sicknesses, holiday and people not being around this has just been a little rough.   But I know that faith and trust in God will see me through, and can see all the rest of us through too.   I know that God's power is greater then the storms of life.   let us "be still and know that [He] is God".

"I don't want to know who was on the other end of that phone. It was the gophers wasn't it, no I don't want to know. Was it the gophers? No! I don't' want to know."
"Blah blah blah, science science science, Bigger!"
"Boneless white meat!"
"Can you look me in the eye, and tell me that you have this under control and this is not gonna end in a disaster?"

Love you all.

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