Monday, September 28, 2015

"I might [never go shopping again]"-How to Train your Dragon "[All] I see is a big white blob"-Return of the Jedi "You are [dropped]"-Terminator "You'd find more cheer in a graveyard."-Two Towers

Okay, so after today, I might not buy much again while here in Zimbabwe.   I am planning to get my last few things for my family today, and to get my last few things to eat during my stay here, and then I will be good.   It is weird to think that it has come to this time, but it is also cool.   I am so excited for the next few weeks.   

Anyway, there is a part of our area called Gimboki and it has this super light colored sand and so when you go walking there at Noon time, you just get this big old glare into your eyes and you feel like you are gonna go blind, or maybe like Han felt when his eye sight was coming back to him while on Tatooen.   It is a really big area, and we don't get there much, but man it just burns your eyes.   

Okay, so when missionaries stop visiting someone to allow them time to decide they want to learn about the gospel not be dragged to it, we commonly call that being "dropped".   Well, we have dropped a lot of investigators this past week.  And the past several weeks.   Like over 30 of them.   We took over two areas, so some of them are ours, some were ones that were left by the other missionaries, and they all wont come to church, read or pray.   So yea, we have moved on.   I have limited patience as it is, but especially now.   

Maybe not more cheer in a graveyard, but probably faster songs.   We sing hymns so slow out here.   It is irritating, when I know the tempo that it is supposed to be and they are two and a half beats behind where they are supposed to be.   How slow do we have to sing?   I can't take it!   I just wish we had a piano that could play the tunes and then the people would know what they are supposed to sound like.   

Anyway, the area is okay.   Small teaching pool, but we are working on that.   Got six new investigators, and four people came to church.   That was nice.   Now to get more of it to happen.   Yesterday was the farewell of a young man who is going to his mission, they only give a testimony, both for leaving and for coming home.   Do you think if I told that to Bishop Dunn, he would agree to it?   

My companion is doing great.   Things are well, we are getting along, and that is great.   A member on the area keeps on telling me when ever he sees me exactly how many days I have left.   Number one, I already know, and number two, at least he hasn't gotten it down to how many hours.   

"Being honest is more then just not lying.   It is truth telling, truth living, and truth loving."
-I can't remember which General Authority said it.

Okay, I know that I had another quote to go along with this, but much like the main character played by Robin Williams in Flubber, I am a little slippery minded.   

But what a wonderful thought.   Are we telling the truth because we have to, or because we want to?   Are we not stealing because we might get caught, or because we respect what is not ours?   Are we being honest, or are we honest people.   My coaches always told me that integrity is who you are when you think no one is looking.   I know that it is important to be honest and do what is right in all that we do.   

"I don't think he knows about second breakfast Pippin."
"Still traveling by mail, eh mister cheap-o? Its not a money thing, I have a plain phobia."
'This my friends is a pint. It comes in pints? I want one."
"The humans are getting fatter so as to be able to overpower us easier, also they are wearing less clothing to make it easier to strangle us."

I love you all.   

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