Tuesday, September 8, 2015

"Look, I don't care whose fault it is, just get this place cleaned up!"-Shrek 2 "It's empty, see?"-Monsters Inc "Why do you lie to me?"-Men in Black

Okay, so getting to our house here in Dangamvura, it looks like no one has cleaned this place out for a while, just huge piles of clothing and things left over from the last several missionaries who finished their missions there, and it is a mess.   I have been working almost every morning to get the thing cleaned up and in a good working order.   I can't stand the mess, and I am not even done yet, but I have taken a huge chunk of it and gotten it much better.   Found so many pamphlets that it is not even funny.   Gonna off load those on the other missionaries.   That will be nice to get that all out of the house.   Then we will be mostly cleaned up.

Okay, so the area is a little slow and struggling a little bit.  In mission you have what is called an area book where you are supposed to keep all the information of the area, people you are teaching and things along those lines.   Well, the book was like empty.   It hadn't been updated in a while, and that just tells you that we have not many investigators and are in desperate need of new ones.   I hope that we will get some soon, cause I love to teach and help people to know about the gospel a lot more then I love to walk the dusty streets of Mutare and knock on doors.  

And the reason that is is because knocking on doors is not very useful out here.   You go, you knock, you get a lame excuse of why a person can't meet with you right now, you set a return appointment for the next day, you get there, you get another lame excuse, and then you repeat.   Even Elder Mckee, the Elder I replaced here told me that tracting don't really work here.   I agree with him.   Tracting don't really work.   We need referrals.   

My companion is doing great.   Super chill guy, Elder Chibanda.   He is not a man to get angry or irritated about anything, even jokers who blow us off.   Me on the other hand, I am like Morianton in the Book of Mormon, a man given to much passion.   We have taken to calling each other Iceman and Pyro, cause he is chill as can be and I am a guy given to much fire.   It is fun, I love this companionship, and he is really helping me to understand how to be a Zone Leader.   

I think the area is already covered.  

Okay, so this week we had a mission tour with Elder Ellis of the Seventy, and it was a great time.   One of my favorite things he said was when he was talking about prayer, and he talked about how we oftentimes limit the Lord because of lack of faith.   He said we need miracles in mission life, and in every day life, but we don't ask for them and we don't work for them.   How profound is that?   We don't GET miracles because we don't ASK for miracles.   It hit me like a sack of bricks.   What do we need here in Mutare?   We need miracles.   What do we need in our families to have them be safe and be protected from the evils of the world and the whiles of the Devil?   We need miracles.   What do we need in everything that we ever do?   WE NEED MIRACLES.   The Lord spoke through the Prophets in the Book of Mormon and said that the only thing that keeps Him from giving miracles is a lack of faith on the part of man.   IF we have the faith, we will have the miracles.   IF we don't then we wont.   And the Lord told us that it wont be his fault.   It  will be ours.   

I know that I have been guilty of that a lot.   Not asking for miracles.   I have resolved to ask for and then work for miracles.   And I know that the Lord keeps his promises.   Elder Ellis said not only should we believe in the Lord, but we should believe the Lord.   Believe that He can keep his promises and that He will.   Believe He is mighty unto the fulfilling of all his words.   Believe that He tells the truth.   I loved that.  And I believe that it is true, with all my heart.   I know that God does not lie.   And I know He loves us.   

"Random security check. Random my behind you always pick me."
"Both eyes open when you shoot."
"That cherry chasing dot muncher isn't even a part of this game."
"You know what the Spanish found when they came to the new world, gold mountains of it."

I love you all.

Does anyone even read the movie quotes anymore?   It is getting hard to use ones i haven't used before.     


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