Wednesday, September 2, 2015

[I feel like] Rover!"-Planet 51 "Parting is such sweet sorrows."-Gnomeo and Juliet "I'm going back!"-Lion King

Okay, so my family has asked me to collect and bring home some rocks from Zimbabwe for them.   In the movie Planet 51 there is a Rover that is obsessed with getting rocks and collecting them.   I am sure I must of looked a little weird to the people who saw me stopping and grabbing rocks off the ground this past week.    But it will be worth it to get the rocks for my family.
Anyway, this week was of course transfers.   I am not in Nketa anymore.   I am super sad to have had to leave it, but I suppose I did what I had to do there, and God has moved me somewhere else.   I am now wait for it, a Zone Leader, and what is even more nuts is I am now in Mutare, again!   I am finishing my last six weeks as a Junior Companion Zone Leader and I am driving again.   I can't believe it, but to top it off, I am back here in Mutare, a different area, but still, same zone.  I am excited for this last six weeks, and what will come of it.   I hope that I do well.
Anyway, I haven't got much to say about the area, cause I haven't been there, nor about my companion as we have only been together for a few hours, not even a day.   But what I can say is that our area is pretty big, and that I love Elder Chibanda. 
I am in the same Zone as my beloved Elder Merritt, the one who was with me in California.   I love it, we are actually talking about home coming talks sitting together in the Internet cafe here.   I love it.  
"What we do does not always support what we know."
-David A Bednar
Too often, a person who knows something does not follow it.   Too often we are blessed with knowledge from God and we do nothing with it.   I was told in the MTC "If you believe this church to be true, act like it."   That is good advice to all of us who are members of the restored Church of Jesus Christ.   I know that all that this church teaches is true.   I will do my level best to live in accordance.  
"Hey Phineas, what ya doing?"
"I don't need a map, I have a GPS, never need a map again, thanks."
"Curse you Perry the Platypus!" 
"The sixties weren't good to you were they?"
I love you all, sorry this is short.     

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