Monday, August 24, 2015

"Ah, Christmas Eve"-Phineas and Ferb "[We] could have been dead, [we] could have died!"-Monsters Inc "I'm right behind you"-Shrek "No sacrifice, no victory!"-Transformers

Okay, so my last year in the real world, on August 25th my family celebrated Christmas together for the fun of it.   Well, tomorrow is the 25th of August, so today is Christmas Eve in August.   Merry Christmas family!    I love you all!
Okay, so at the train museum there is a pump trolley old time-y hand car, that we can drive around.   Well, if you try you can get going pretty fast, and dang did we get going.   The problem is there is only so much open area on the line for us to go on, and the brakes aren't the best in the world.   And the guy on the brakes likes to have some fun messing with people.   Anyway, it was a pretty close one, we almost crashed into another train, and actually once took it off the rail by hitting some other stuff.   It was kind of scary, very fun and man, we could have had some serious problems.  
Anyway, Elder Kunene is now six weeks old on mission, and so I am trying to get him to be more and more the one to lead the lessons and the area and such as that.   He is still a little hesitant to do so, but with a little encouragement he is starting to take things and run with it.   He is a great guy, and is really getting a hang of all the things he needs to do.   I love it.
Okay, so marriage and baptisms happened on Saturday, and there were a few bumps in the road.   We had to do a lot of calling around, and a lot of last minute changes and things like that to get it done, but it did get done, and that was great.   Regrettably I can't send pictures from this one internet cafe we are at, so it will have to wait a little bit on that.   I am so thankful that the things happened and that the people were baptized, they are so happy to be members and to have received the gospel.  
The area is doing good.   Now all we need to do is convince our investigators to come to church and not just let us visit them at their houses.   Really low on that bit, people just aren't coming to Church like we want them to.   And all the members who are Return Missionaries are giving me a hard time because mission is soon to end.   "It came, it finely came"-Toy Story.   My Death Certificate(as some missionaries call it) has arrived, which means that I now have my travel information.   Scary.
We are hoping to have some baptisms on the 5th of September and we will have to see how that goes.   Hope it will go well.
"How could we be content with anything short of exaltation it we know that exaltation is possible?"
-Jorge F Zeballos
I'm going to stick to one quote because I love this one.   Moses was told God's plan for mankind when he was told "My work and my glory is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man"(Moses 1:39).   God's entire plan is to give us eternal life/everlasting life/life eternal.   Or in other words Exaltation.   He wants us to return to be in His presence for eternity and He doesn't want us to be alone, but with all our family.   He wants us to have all that He has, to be "Joint heirs with Christ" as Paul says, in receiving all that Christ received, which is "All the Father hath".   It is possible with God's help.   "If [God] say yes, nobody can say no" as a song they play in the cafes out here says.   Exaltation is possible, so why would you settle for less?
I love you all.
"To swing, or not to swing? Swing."
"Who spit in her bean curd?"
"Ape and George not brothers? Well, I suppose we are brothers, since we both come from the primate family. Right primate family, brothers."
"Oh yeah, well I bet me and Ping could take you. I really don't want to take him anywhere."

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