Monday, August 24, 2015

"[Like] father [like] son."-Aladdin 3 "I believe in learning on the job"-How to Train your Dragon "Feels good to stretch"-Loony Toons Back in Action "Yep, those were the good old days"-IceAge the Melt Down

Okay, so Elder Kunene and I are very similar.   We both love Disney music for one.   We walk around talking about Disney movies and singing Disney songs and we just love it.   We are getting along great, and he is really picking up on the mission stuff.   He is working hard and is coming out of his shell more and more.   I love it. 
Along those lines, I am trying to get him to come out of his shell faster and faster.   I love to put him in situations where he has to apply the things he has learned in the Training stuff and then see him use it.   My favorite is to stop three or four people and introduce ourselves and then tell them that "Elder Kunene has something very important he wants to tell you" and then focus shifts to him and he, after a slight hesitation, will launch into contacting and talking to them about what we do and why we are here and that is great to see.   He is really a fast learner and is coming along great.  
Okay, so no car for us out here, so we take Kombie's like everywhere that is not our area.   Well, they are no better now then they were last year in Gweru.   Actually we have rode in some pretty iffy ones, and some pretty small ones.   So I have to fold up and then unfold in order to get in and out of them.   I miss my truck.  
Okay, so Elder Machakaire is out here in Bulawayo.   For those who might not remember, he and I were six months in Chegutu, in different areas, but the same house.   And we love it, being around each other again.   We are talking all the time about people who were there, about things that happened and about all the "good old days" that we had on mission while we were there together.   And talking to the missionaries there in Chegutu the people there are still talking about us and the one guy from Canada still gets called by my name by all the little kids after having been there for three months.   I love it.
Okay, so we are gonna have a marriage and a baptism this coming Saturday.   I love that too.   A great guy named Kelvin is getting married to his Tribal wife Sibusisiwe(good luck pronouncing that one) and then he is getting baptized.   She is already a member, who has returned to activity and is now going strong.   So they are super excited for it, and it is our first baptism while I have been here, and the first marriage I have had since Chegutu.   I am so excited for them, they are such a powerful couple.  Also working on some more baptisms on the 22nd of this month.   We will see what will happen.   Saw some pretty cool pyrotechnics from an electrical wire that we walked past going home last night.   Really cool blue and I was wondering what would happen, but nothing did.   Let down.
I brought my book this time.
"When we choose to follow Christ out of faith, rather then another path out of fear we are blessed."
-Quentin L Cook
"I hope to see us dissolve the artificial boundary line we so often place between missionary work and temple and genealogical work, because it is the same great redemptive work."
-Spencer W Kimball  
I know that it can be scary sometimes, standing for what we know to be true.   But, it doesn't need to be.   Think of Elisha when he faced an army of some of the most cruel people in the known world at the time, and what did he say?   "There are more with us then there are with them."   There will always be more with those on God's side then there will be those on the other side.  Because who can stand against God?   I have heard some things about stuff happening in the world and it can sound a little scary, but with faith in God, and His only Begotten Son, we can get through anything that is put in our path.   All it takes is faith and trust.  
"What I did, I did in the name of peace. But not in the name of the Doctor!"
"Maybe I killed a Jedi and took it from him. Can't nobody can kill a Jedi. I wish that were true."
"I'm still in the first 12 hours of my regeneration cycle... and this is a fighting hand!"
"Hey, push the nose."
I love you all.  

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