Monday, August 24, 2015

"This is my new companion"-Army of God "That's the nicest thing anybody ever said about me"-Happily Never After "Destroy [them]!"-Lord of the Rings 1

Okay, so my new companion is a great little guy.   His name is Elder Kunene.   He is from the Durban area down in South Africa, near where they are building the temple.   He is super cool to be around, and he speaks several languages from down south.   He and his three siblings are members of the Church and his parents are not, but he told me they are taking the lessons and meeting missionaries.   So that is good.   He is adjusting to the mission and to the area.   He is a super smart guy and he does well when teaching, when he gets the courage to open his mouth and not be afraid to talk to people.   I am so excited to be his trainer and to be able to teach him about how mission goes.   He is picking up on the lay out of the area and he is starting to come out of his shell more and more.   It is gonna be a fun 11 more weeks.  
Okay, so when you get a new missionary you go to Harare to meet him and you get a dinner with the mission president, his wife and in our case his daughter and the assistants.   Well our assistants are Elders Mayall and Tanner, and Mayall was my Zone Leader for some four and a half months.   So as luck would have it, or as the Wheel would weave it, my new companion were next to them at dinner.   Man Mayall and I had a great time talking about Chegutu and Kadoma and getting to spend some time together and he and Tanner were both just talking all this good stuff about me.   Even we get to the area and the members are telling Elder Kunene how lucky he is to have me for a comp.   It was super funny.   Good to see that people like to have me around.   Of course I have only good things to say about Mayall and Tanner and the area as well.   Love it.
Okay, so when you are working with someone to live the Word of Wisdom, one of the most important things is to remove the temptation.   What ever it is, tea, coffee, alcohol, tobacco, what ever it is.   It is so important to remove that temptation from their life.   I loved the look on a baba's face as he told me that he is committing suicide by smoking cigarettes and that he know it will kill him, I respond by holding out my hand and asking him to give them to me if that is how he feels.  I think he thought I was kidding but he gave me a full pack of cigarettes and I get ride of them.   He was surprised when I did it.   I gave him a book that talks about the Word of Wisdom and asked him to get in touch with us.   Also had a Baba we are working with come clean about how much he drinks, and we got him to give us his alcohol and so we dumped it out.   I love helping people live that law, by what ever means necessary.
So the area is doing good.   We got the "all ahead full" on baptizing the Deaf Family, so after a few more lessons we will be baptizing them into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.   They were super happy when we told them that we are gonna baptize them later this month.   I love it.   We have been working hard to involve members in our teaching and we have had some good success with it.   We are still trying to do it more often, but the members are starting to get the hang of it.
I hate when I forget that little booklet with quotes in it.   Ugh!  
Anyway, I just want you all to know that the Book of Mormon is true.   So many people this week tried to argue with us about it, but we just answer them "read and pray and find out" and that is what has to happen.   Without doing that you can never know that it is true, and by doing it you will find out without any doubt.   I know it for myself.   I love it, I love it.
"His name is Stitch.  That's not a real name.. in Iceland, but here it's a good name."
"We are trying to find an Island that can't be found with a compass that doesn't point north?   Aye, but we're not trying to find north are we?"
"Get me galactic control."
"A pistol, no extra shot. A compass that doesn't point north. And I almost expected them to be made of wood. You are by far the worst pirate I have ever heard of. But you have heard of me."
(That one was for you Mistress)
Love you all.       

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