Monday, August 24, 2015

"Pick up the [phone] Pick up the [phone]"-Flushed Away "This is a lot more [complicated then it should be]"-Robots "Special Delivery!"-Phineas and Ferb "Where [is everyone]?!"-Doctor Who

Okay, so nothing is worse then when you are trying to organize things with a marriage officer and it isn't happening.   We tried so hard this past week to get everything to happen the way it is supposed to happen and to get in touch with the guy and well, he never picked up his phone.   It was horrible.   Then we find out that he is not authorized to do marriages anymore, so we are going to have to use a different officer to do the marriage now.   We got called by the Stake President to tell us about it.   It was horrible.   So much more complicated then it needs to be, since the guy is still legally registered to be a marriage officer of Zimbabwe.   I know I have said it, but it was horrible.   Anyway, long story short, we are gonna have the marriage and baptism on the 22nd instead.   So no marriage/baptism pictures this week.   Sorry.  
Okay, so every month the Zone Leaders go to Mission Leadership Conference(MLC) and when they go you can send them with a list of things you need them to get from the Distribution Center.   I love when you send them with a big list and then they come back with like all of it.   Special Delivery indeed.   Finely have some Bibles, Copies of the Book of Mormon, Family Proclamations, Living Christ's. Temple Pictures and all that good stuff that we need in order to help recent converts continue in the faith, and to be able to teach people.  Do you know how hard it is to tell someone that a great way to know Joseph Smith was a Prophet is to read the Book of Mormon and then have no copy to give them?   "Como se de se awkward"(-Phineas and Ferb).   Anyway, we are now outfitted pretty good out here.  
But let me tell ya, there have been like no people in the are to contact.   This week my companion and I in the training stuff were talking about "talk to everyone" to find people to teach, and then we get out of the house and into the area, and like there is no one in sight.   I mean did someone run though yelling "The [Mormon's] are coming"?   It was interesting.   It lasted for a few days and then it got better, which was nice.  
So baptisms will be on the 22nd, for us.   We are having a Family Fun Day tomorrow as a way to have missionary work done, and to of course have fun with families.   Back in Gweru we did one and it became a "Missionary Fun Day" because it was mainly the missionaries who came for it.   That was a blast.   Anyway, hopefully this one will have more members and none members turn out for it.  
My companion is doing great.   Elder Kunene is learning well, and he is taking the lead more in teaching lessons, (now if only his companion would remember to shut up once in a while), and he is a good teacher.  He still looks to me in the lessons to make sure he isn't missing anything, but he is doing great.   I love the guy.  
"If we will keep our covenants, the covenants will keep us spiritually safe."
-Neal A Maxwell
"One of the greatest gifts is the joy of trying again, for no failure ever need be final."
-Thomas S Monson.
God's people have always been a covenant people.   They have always been expected by God to make and keep sacred covenants.   When they did they were greatly blessed by Him, and when they didn't they would lose those blessings.   We who have been baptized by Priesthood Authority have made covenants with God, and those who have gone to the Temple have made even more covenants.   If we keep those covenants we will be safe, because we will have the Spirit in our lives more fully to guide us and direct us.   Alma promised that making covenants would allow the Lord to "pour out His spirit more abundantly upon [us]"-Mosiah 18:10.   Having that Spirit in our lives will keep us safe from the growing influence of the adversary.  
"I never had any problems with my dad, maybe that's cause mom ate his head before I was born. I don't know."
"You have six fingers on your right hand, someone was looking for you."
"No snack stops this time. What?  Wait, seriously?"
"It would be completely, totally and in every way inconceivable. Out of curiosity why do you ask?"  

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