Monday, August 24, 2015

"Noisy neighbors"-Lion King 1&1/2 "Throw it, throw it! Go long!"-Incredibles "I'm a big mouth"-Land Before Time "Now that was funny"-Surfs Up

Okay, so as of late our neighbors have been playing a lot of really loud music late at night and early in the morning.   It can be a little distracting during studies and when we are trying to sleep.   The other day it was so bad that we had to go out and ask the neighbor kids to stop screaming so loud.   Cause it was super irritating.   They stopped, a little bit at least.   But there are just so many of them pumping their music so loud and so long.   "There go the property values."
Anyway, this week we had a family fun day as the Nkulumane Stake, and "[my] heart skipped a beat when [I saw a football]" and it was great.   Spent a long time just throwing it back and forth with the different members and missionaries and taught several people how to throw it the way it is supposed to be thrown.   Cause they were throwing it like it is a rugby ball.   I am so out of practice of throwing a football that it killed my arm so fast.   Anyway the family fun day was a blast and it went really well.  
I am trying my level best to shut my mouth more to allow my companion more time to speak and to share in lessons, in contacting and other things.   He isn't always happy about it, but I am getting him to be more and more involved in all that we do.   I am just needing to not be a big mouth, like Ducky.
Anyway, last night we had our last appointment with a recent convert brother and sister(it was a DA my personal favorite).   Anyway before we left they asked us to help them remove a chameleon from their garden.  This thing was probably six to eight inches long, and when we started trying to remove it it started to hiss at us and the two of them screamed.   And so we got it out of their garden and we tossed it into the bushes outside the house, and I couldn't resist.   I ran backwards towards them drying out "here it comes!" and they screamed and ran for their house and Kunene and I laughed so hard.   They weren't very happy, but I was.
Things are going well for the area, we are planning those six baptisms this weekend, and that will be a great time.   We have found several new investigators, now if we could only get them to come to church.   We are working on it.   It will happen eventually.   Things are well for us.  
My companion is great.   Once I get him to do something once he just takes off with it.   Which is the best part of having him here.   Or one of the best parts.  
"We need to exercise faith that the Lord has prepared people around us to be taught. He knows who they are and when they are ready, and He can guide us to them by the power of the Holy Ghost and give us words to invite them to be taught"
Okay, so I think there might be a missing page in my booklet, cause for the life of me I can't find who said that quote.

In my mission I have had a great opportunity to see the Lord lead my companion and I to people who are prepared, or lead the prepared people to us.   I have gotten a front row seat to see the Lord hasten His work.   I know that there are people out there, around all of us, who are being prepared for the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.   If we will search for them, with His help we will find them.   Let the search begin.
"I made it coach, I got a C average, I'm going to college. That is great news son, but I am a married man."
"They kiss?   Why that looks so unique, inspired!"
"Water makes you weak, water is for cowards, water is for washing the blood of your jersey, and you better not get no blood on my jersey."
"How horrible our Christmas will be. No, How jolly."

I love you all.   

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