Tuesday, July 21, 2015

"Big eyes, give me those big eyes" "I'm gonna be a dad!"-Robots "[Dirty water is] disgusting"-Ice Age

Okay, so it is funny the looks that kids give me when they see me walk past them, or enter their house, or speak to them.   Just huge eyes.   SO as of late there is a family with a very noisy child, who when ever we come over gets even more loud and so the parents have taken to handing me a belt and telling their son that I will beat him if he is not quiet.   I can intimidate, but I don't know how to follow through.   If it came down to it, nothing would happen.
Okay, so in mission lingo, when a missionary trains a new missionary, or in other words, teaches he/she the way to be a missionary, they are your "son/daughter" so yea, I am gonna be a dad.   I am gonna train a new missionary, and help him to learn how to be a missionary.   It will be cool, gonna stay in Nketa 1 and be here till the end of my mission.
Okay so dirty water, like unfiltered water is nasty.   It makes you sick, and can cause some really big problems.   Anyway, got some bad water this week, and man it made me sick.

Things are great, dont' have time left.   I love you all.   Sorry this is a short one.
"Pumba let me define, baby sitting!"

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