Friday, July 10, 2015

"That boy is our only hope"-Star Wars "That was a close one"-MIB 3 "You'll learn to love it"-Lion King "Don't be a [baby]"-Hotel Transylvania

Okay, so the Deaf couple, Solomon and Susan Nhengu, have a hearing son, named Tawanda, and we are putting a lot on him let me tell ya.   Right he is also learning with his parents about the Gospel and we are trying to get him converted to the gospel as fast as we can to get him to be able to help with his parents.   We are working hard to get that all to work well, and the great news is that Tawanda came to church.   So that is great, and we are hoping soon to have some instruction on what to do about baptizing them, cause the parents want to, but we are worried about them being able to endure to the end.   Keep your fingers crossed.
So nothing is worse then when a powerful investigator who you are planning to baptize calls you and tells you he and his wife want you to stop visiting and they want to give back everything you ever gave them.   Well my comp and I had that heart attack this past week.   We did some damage/fire control and got a member to go with us and have what could have been our last visit, and well, we were blessed insomuch that they are still meeting with us and want to get baptized.   It was a combination of language barrier and they were getting some bad peer presser from their family.   But all is now well, and they are coming along great.  
Okay, so back when I first got here to Zimbabwe, if you remember me talking about Sadza and how nasty it was?   Well it is an acquired taste.  And once you have it you love it.   Man now that I am used to it Sadza is so good.   I wont eat it from a tuck shop, cause a lot of the time they just reuse old sadza by heating it up and mixing it with newer stuff, but at a members house or at our house it is really good to eat.   Fills you up pretty good too.   I still am not sure how to cook it, but I know how to eat it.  
Okay, so me and my comp have some fun while we are in the area and the house.   Well sometimes our fun turns into a wrestling brawl, or we start hitting each other and it is actually pretty fun, at least for me.   He puts up a good fight, but I usually win.   I love it though, cause we always end it by laughing and it is never cause we are mad at each other.   it reminds me of Elders Arnell and Rollins my trainers back in Cali.   Super fun.  
Anyway, things here are going great.   Working for at least two baptisms next week end.   If all goes well that will happen for us.   And that would be great.   It is the two who we thought were gonna drop us.   So that would be awesome.   Also this past week we have gotten to meet our new Mission President, President Mahkabela, I might have misspelled that.   Anyway, he and his wife and their daughter are now here in Zimbabwe and they are gonna be leading us onward and upward.   This is my third President on mission.
Anyway, I remembered my quote booklet.   Now, can I remember what I used last?
"With gratitude in our hearts, may we fill our days -as much as we can- with those things which matter most. May we cherish those we hold dear and express our love to them in word and deed."
-Thomas S Monson
"It's the set of the sail, and not the gail, that determines the direction of the ship."
This last one was said to us by President Cook, and he quoted from a painting he had seen once a long time back.   He told us that basically our outlook on life will determine what happens and how we go forward, as well as what we choose to make important to us and what we do.   And so he encouraged us to "set the sail" of gospel living, keeping the commandments and loving our family, especially our spouse when we are married.   Good advice, I think.   It is funny to me how many people seem to get freaked out when we talk about how families can be together for eternity.   But I know that it is true, even though "it may seem a bold doctrine to some, a power which binds on earth and in heaven" as the Prophet Joseph Smith said, but it is the truth.   Our love for our families is eternal and God means for our families to be so as well.   I know that it is true.
"I believe money is like manure, it is only good if you spread it around so that things can grow."
"Have you ever thought that the reason that we are having so much business is because the dead have been rising from their graves? Lets listen to some music."
"You're the best girls two guys ever went to jail for."
"He got slimmed."
I love you all.   

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