Sunday, July 5, 2015

"There's 104 days [left on my mission]"-Phineas and Ferb "That's just a wee [rabbits leg]"-Brave "It's because I'm green isn't it?"-How the Grinch Stole Christmas "There goes another one, just like [The Watkins]"-Hercules

Okay, so I am continuing the fun of the D&C Challenge.   Can't believe how easy it is, I don't see why people would start and then stop before ending.   Anyway, I have red the 105th section today of the Doctrine and Covenants and it was a pretty good section, directed to Zions Camp.   Not to bad.   Anyway, section 104 is tomorrow, meaning not counting today, I have 104 days left of mission, kind of like summer.   Interesting.   

Okay, so out here you never know what you are gonna get at a dinner appointment.   Fish, cow throat, Kovo, a really slimy veggie type thing that I don't know the name of and sometimes even home raised rabbit.   Yep, went to a dinner this past week and they told us that they own rabbits, and then they bring in our plate of Sadza and what at first glance could have fooled you into thinking it was chicken, but wasn't.   Yep rabbit, from their own that they keep.   And it was really good.   A little tougher then I thought it would be, but super good.   I mean given then choice between cow throat, chicken throat, fish and rabbit, I'll take the rabbit.   I wouldn't mind going back there for seconds.   

So, being in a walking area, we sometimes are slow getting home.  So sometimes you have to try to hitch hike your way home.   Sometimes it goes great, and you get picked up no problems and you head home and it is all good.   Other times you stand there by the side of the road for a good fifteen minuets and you wonder if you will make it home before pumpkin hour hits.   Well that was how it was the other day for us.   Out there trying to flag people down and nothing is worse then when they stop, ask where you are going, and then tell you that they aren't going there and drive off.   I never thought I would have to do this so much, but it is a fun experience.   Then when you get one, usually a private car, you and your comp get to squeeze into the back of the car that is made for three in the back, with two already there.   Good times, good times.   

So, this week we say goodbye to the Cook's.   Man that is weird.   I love the Cook's so much.   I am really gonna miss them.   Hard to believe that I have been here with them for a year now.   And it is hard to believe how similar their last advice was to the Watkin's last advice.   All about dating and marriage.   They were like "for those of you who are going home soon this is things you need to know" which I was fine with, till my companion nudged me and was like "that's you" and then it was like, awww.   I hate being reminded that I am getting old.   Anyway, new mission president gets in this week, who knows what changes that will bring.  I don't.   The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills.

Anyway, this week was pretty good.   Lots of other lessons.   Not many member presents.   Anyway, we are working hard, and planning on some baptisms in a few weeks.   Also working hard on earning the trust of members.   Told them yesterday that if they see us walking past their houses, not to assume that we know that a member lives there, but rather to yell out at us.   That way we can learn who lives where in an easier way.   That would be really nice.   Not too much to say there this week.

My companion and I are doing great.   Let me tell ya, we get along well.   We both just had a companionship that we didn't really enjoy but we are both enjoying this one. 

Dang it.   My comp and I left the house this morning to go to a Train Museum here in Bulawayo, and "visions of [trains] danced in my head" and I forgot my quote book again.   I am really sorry.   There are some good quotes in there that I was gonna share.   Well how about some pictures instead?   

I had an interesting conversation with a man trying to get me to forsake the Book of Mormon and deny my faith, or at least that was his intent but he wasn't so blunt about it.   Made me think of the conversation Christ had with His Apostles.   "Will ye also go away." the Savior asked of them.   "and Peter answered and said, where shall we go... thou hast the words of eternal life."   I know it is bold of us as missionaries to tell people they need to read the Book of Mormon and learn about the Prophet Joseph Smith, but we are bold because we "fear not what man can do, for perfect love casteth out all fear" as Mormon puts it.   We love those around us and we know that what we have will bring peace in this life, and eternal life in the world to come.   

I know that is the truth.   I know that what we have is what everyone needs, Jew, Gentile and everyone in between.   

"Whats this mini bar fee?   Well honey, the kids threw the mini bar out the window. And that's our fault?"
"1, 2, 3, 4, get the kid back through the door."
"Go sit in the corner, you're in time out.   Time out?! I'm a grown man."
"That's a cute little dance you got there, almost looks like you have ta... oh."

i love you all.  

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