Sunday, July 5, 2015

[It was] awesome." "Focus, focus, focus" "I'm just one me"-Kung Fo Panda "Just like [back in Gweru]"-Scooby-doo

Okay, so this past week we had a deaf Baba that we met and he asked us to teach his family, right.   So we met him at church and now we are doing our best to teach him.   Well it is awesome.   His wife is also deaf, and his son is hearing.   So we are teaching all three of them.   We have found a member to help us with the sign language, and that is good cause let me tell you, American Sign and Zimbabwe Sign is apples and oranges.   Hard to figure it all out.   But it is great, the baba has come to church twice now and we are working to go through everything with him.   
Okay, I have t admit, I am so easily unfocused from what I am doing sometimes.   And so is my companion which can be really bad.   For me it is hardest when conversations go into Shona or worse Ndebele and I can't understand anything.   Well, then my mind goes to other things.   Like a member was telling me about Avengers 2 and now like any given time my mind can go to Avengers in a heart beat.   It is rough, and sometimes I come back into an English conversation and think, wait what?   It isn't good, and I am working on it, but it is rough.   
Anyway, back to the sign language stuff, the member who is working with us wants me to baptize 20 father led families who are deaf, start a group and master Zim sign while I here.   That is a lot of stuff for me to do.   I am just one man.   It would be boss, but a little rough.   We will see what happens out here.
Anyway, Bulawayo is like Gweru in some ways.   The area is similar, the housing is similar, and the weather.   It is cold in the morning and the evenings, and then it gets super hot during the day.   Let me tell you it is hot in the day.   Like Blighted Land hot, and then it gets so cold at night, I have to put my Ton-ton inside or it will die.   I wonder if anyone caught those references.   Be cool if you did.
Anyway the area is doing great, still working on learning it all, and getting everything down.   It is coming along.   Good area, a small one, not too bad.   I love it.   I love the ward and the people and it is just great.   Had five people at church this last Sunday, 2 babas.   I am so glad about that.   
My comp is great.   I love the guy, things are going well.   He has a lot of great questions about deep doctrine stuff, and I love to answer those kind of questions and talk about it all.   We are having a great time together.   
Dang it, I left my quote booklet.   Oops.   Ummmm.....
Anyway, I know this work is true.   I know that God is leading this work.   The Standard of Truth has been erected, and it will go forth.   I know that this gospel is true, and I have seen God make things happen to forward his work.
"Slow down Thing, it is horrible when you stutter."
"What kind of power you got?   I got soul power.  How strong are you? I'm too strong."
"What are you for Halloween? I'm a homicide maniac, and they look just like everyone else."
"No, no Sunshine is from Cali-fonia he's a Cali-fornian."
I love you all.

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