Monday, June 15, 2015

"You call that popping?"-Rio "The cold never bothered me anyway"-Frozen "She kissed me"-Princess Bride

Okay, need to be fast, time is not on my side.  
We got locked out of our house last week.   Well, we tried to break into the house.   And I learned that, well, good luck anyone smaller then me who wants to bash his way through the door of the house, cause all I did was hurt my shoulder.   I mean dang, that door is tough.   Anyway, they had to send someone to remove the lock, and so now we have a new lock and we are back in our house.   But still it was an interesting experience. 
Okay, I have wanted to use this movie quote ever since I heard the song.   Anyway my first several  days here in Bulawayo it was very cold and well, it was a little bit of an adjustment, but I am good now.   My comp is having problems with it but I am great.   The cold never bothered me anyway, and it wont start now.  
Okay, so we were visiting at an investigators house, well she stays with members, and the members have a little three year old daughter/granddaughter there.   Well, in the middle of saying a prayer she comes over and sits next to me, so I moved over, and then this little three year old kisses me on the cheek.  It was a surprise.  She is such a cute little one.
Things are well, we are working hard to learn the area.   I so did not manage my time on here well today, had lots of emails to respond to from last week.   We are trying not to get lost so much, and things are going well, had a deaf  baba come to church on Sunday, which is great.   Gonna go try to teach him and his family.   Okay, sorry, few minuets left.  
I love you all.
Jesus is the Christ, and God lives.
No quotes this week, next one.

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