Wednesday, June 3, 2015

"That was [interesting]" "How do you [pick one]?"-Despicable Me "Like [Elder Wiltse's dad"-Wreck it Ralph "[It] fell [off]."-Lord of the Rings

First and formost.   Rabbit Rabbit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   It is a new month, and I just won!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaa.... It's good to win.  
Anyway, this week was great.   We had a great time, we worked hard, and things paid off.   We had two baptisms this weekend.   It was a great time.   I got to baptize one and a member of our branch baptized the other one.   Also, I got to help a missionary, Elder Brandonburg, to baptize a woman that has no left leg.   So what happened is we were both in our baptismal clothing and we helped her into the font, and then he said the prayer and then we both helped her into the water and then brought her back out.   It was a great experience.   Another good experience for you; as a District Leader I get to interview baptismal candidates to be sure everything is ready to go.   So one of the last things that I do is ask them who they want to be baptized by.   Well the young man named Jacob choose to be baptized by me, so even though we didn't really know each other, I got to baptize him yesterday.   it was nice.

On a side note, the Internet cafe just started to play the country song "Just a kiss good night" and I am so trunky.   I miss my music.   I really hope that they play another country song, but they did not.
Anyway.   So this week is my Grandpa's birthday.   We call him Pop-pop.   Anyway, I was asked to give a memory of him to my aunt for his birthday thing.   Well, how do you pick one?   Back when my mom was single she would drop me and Kenji off at Grandma and Pop-pop's house and we would spend time with them there.   We would go there every year for Halloween, he ordained me to the Priesthood, went with me to the Temple the first time, and all these things that I remember of him.   How can I pick just one?   I don't know.   Still figuring it out.   
Okay so this last week we went back to Bvumba Mountain, that really big mountain that we climbed my first transfer out here.   So as we are getting ready to go I was talking with Elder Brandonburg and Wiltse, and we were having a good chat, and they would say something once in a while and I would connect it to a song and start singing for a bit.   Well Wiltse told me that his dad is like that too.   I pride myself in being able to connect almost anything to a song or a Disney movie.   It is fun.   Anyway, to get to Bvumba you have to take a Kombie, so these are usually pretty badly maintained, and so as we were driving to go up the mountain, we were going around some curves and the window that I was next to fell off.   I am not kidding you.   It completely fell off.   I was a little scared, cause you could see a huge crack in the wall of the vehicle.   It was interesting.   
Anyway, things are going well out here.   We are working really hard and things are going well.   Now we are working on getting some more people ready for Baptism, and trying to find some Baba's and their families.   That will be nice.   The area is doing well.   Our recent converts are super powerful and things are going great.   I love it, it is Iri Bho.   
My comp was a little sick yesterday, but he is good now.   This week we are gonna go back to the doctor cause they wanted him to be back in a month to get looked at again for his heart stuff.   Can't believe that it has been a month since he was first seen.  Time goes past fast.   
"Obedience to commandments [is] an expression of our love for God.   Blessed are those who need no reason other then their love for the Savior to keep his commandments."
-Elder James E Faust
I love the simplicity of this message.   What better reason then love to do something.   Like when my parents asked me to do something at home, I did it, not because I was afraid of them, but because I love them.   The Bible says that if we have respect for the Fathers of our Flesh, how much more should we respect the Father of our Spirits.   We all show our Dad's that we love them when we obey them, why not show God?   The only thing that we have that God wont control is our agency.   He will always allow us to make our own decisions.   Why not show Him that we love Him by using it well?   I know that blessings come for obedience, and miracles come for exact obedience.   In the words of Sister Watkins "love the Lord enough to be obedient, even if you don't now why."   I know that God's laws are made to bless us.   
"I ate a baby for breakfast, yea babies!"
"Don't try and stop me Shme, don't try and stop me, don't you dare try and stop me, stop me Shme, Shme I am about to commit suicide!"
"Uh, yea I'm not really a hands on evil genius, no I'm not."
"You know I remember you being much bigger.   To a ten year old I was huge."
I love you all.   

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