Monday, April 7, 2014

"I love you [missionaries] and I love you random citizen" Megamind "This is my new favorite moment in Human HIstory. Unless this is the one where [the Elder's Investigator goes missing]. Almost [lost him]. That was a close one." Men in Black 3

First off today I have been told is my 174th day in the Mission Field.   And tomorrow I turn 20 years old.   Two Decades.   Wow how time flies.   Can't hardly believe it.

We have had a lot of random people thank us for what we do, give us gift cards, and tell us how much our parents must be proud of us and it is just awesome how many people we don't know truly recognize us as what we are: Missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.   It is great.   

We almost lost our investigator Paul.   He is moving out, or has probably finished moving out of his house.   So we went over to see how he was doing, and he wasn't home.   So we went to where we thought he was moving to but we didn't find him.   So Elder Dean and I said a lot of prayers to be able to find him, but couldn't find him all day long.   So that all happened on Saturday.   On Sunday after a great General Conference Session we went to try at his house one more time.   We prayed before we went and knocked on his door, and then we knocked.   And much to our joy he was home.   His move in was approved and he and his family are getting settled in.   We think he may be out of our area, into another wards area, but that is a bridge we will cross if and when we need to.   We picked up a new investigator yesterday night.   His name is Robert, his wife is a member and he agreed to read and pray about the Book of Mormon.   He is super prepared and had lots of great questions about missionary work.   I love it.   Super great guy, super great family and the Work of the Lord is nothing short of a miracle.

"We are a Temple building and a Temple attending Church." President Thomas S. Monson

I think that sums it up.   We have in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 142 functioning Temples and when all the ones that are being worked on are finished we will have close to 170 on the Earth.   I got to go to the Temple on Friday and I loved it.   

People may try to say that this isn't the Lords work, or that Joseph Smith wasn't a Prophet of God, or that Temples are just buildings, but once you feel the strength of the Spirit that is on Temple grounds you know with out a doubt that those buildings are the House of the Lord.   I know that the Temple is the House of God, and that inside of it we can receive sacred blessings that can allow us to return to God's presence and there stay for all of Time and Eternity.   I love to see the Temples, I love to go into them to worship my Heavenly Father, and I love the Spirit and Strength that I feel inside of them.  

"Why did the Hero flush the toilet?... Say why.   Why.   It was his duty!"
"Hey its the Stomper.   I love how this guy talks.   LOOK... AT...THIS...FLOWER....I...HURT...MY...ELBOW"
"Kid rule number 14!  Right rule number 14 a hero's only as good as his weapon."
"Kid concentrate!   Use your head!... Not bad kid not bad, not what I had in mind, but not bad."

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