Monday, December 29, 2014

"Don't you know it's a new year?"-Phineaus and Ferb "Jokers."-Batman Beyond "So is this [the left] or [the right]?"-Up "You got to be a straight shooter do ya got it?"-Aladdin

I know I used this quote last year at new year time, but come on, it is a whole new year!   A new year of possibilities, a year of potential and a year for growing closer to those that we love and to our God.   It is also the last year of my mission, but that is beside the point.   Now we don't really do new year resolutions, but let us all decide to have an even better year then the last one.

There is a term among missionaries, used for those who seem interested at first, then just don't have the guts to tell you that they don't want to hear more.   It is Joker.   Well there is a whole chunk of our area just full of them.   They ditch lessons and they avoid eye contact, they don't come to church and they just joke with you.   But in that same area we have a few people who are actually starting to make steps towards baptisms.   There is always a ray of sunshine.  
I have a difficulty driving in Zimbabwe, it is called getting directions from my companion.   We will be driving and he is giving me directions and will tell me "okay turn left up here" and so I start to turn left and then he goes "you're turning the wrong way!" and I have to hit the brake and swerve and I don't "mumble under my breath" (from "I been watching you" for those who are country fans as I am).   But like all of the missionaries out here who are from Zim do it.   It is really difficult to drive like that.   I've started saying Port or Starboard?   They don't get that.  
I find one thing kind of funny.   Zimbabwe culture is a culture where you beat around the bush.   I remember my mom told me that in Japan they don't say "I don't like you" the say "I don't like people who are like you" or some such.   It is similar out here.   Someone will ask my companion a question and he will answer it, but in a softer way.   They ask me the same question and I just go right through the bush.   Like a lady asked us if ministers should be paid, or pastes or what ever term she used.   She asked us to show her from the bible, and my companion answered and showed that they aren't supposed to, and she tried to counter with a different scripture, and I just told her "no, the bible tells us that they aren't supposed to be paid."   And she said "then why does my pastor tell us that he is?" and I said "cause he wants to get paid for it."   It usually works pretty well though when you just tell it to them straight.   Hopefully we will hear back from her.   We will see.
Two baptisms this week, not three.   One Baba didn't make it to be interviewed, he went to some place called Halfway.   Don't know half way to what, but he went there.   Still the baptisms were great, 45 adults at Sacrament and 31 children.   We are growing pretty well, and it sounds like the papers to make us a branch are being processed.   It is nice seeing things come together.   

My companion has been sick for the past few days.   Not so good.   But hopefully he will get better soon.  
I am running low on time.
I know that there is always a sunrise.   God is always there for us.   He will answer our prayers.   I know it.
"I object, over ruled, I object! Quiet! Darn."
"Gil, am I to assume every time we come to this here secret lair, you manage to sit in that exact spot, blocking that choice piece of property from my view!?!   This is my comfy place."
I love you all.

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