Monday, December 1, 2014

"We're gonna need.. some more peanut butter"-Phineaus and Ferb "There is no Santa Claus there is no Easter Bunny and there is no [Ju Ju]"-Megamind "we're all gonna die"-Winnie the Pooh "[Baptisms!] Now thats my favorite part"-Brave

I am sure that to those who know me this comes as no surprise.   But I find myself eating a lot of peanut butter and jam.   Our cooking supplies are limited and time to  cook when we get home is also limited, and it just takes to long, so I eat peanut butter most every night for dinner.   I should probably find some other stuff, and I am planning to, but still, I love peanut butter and jam.   And it is so easy, just make it, eat it and go study Pearl of Great Price till bed time.  
The people out here are super superstitious.   They believe in Ju Ju an mermaids and all this stuff that makes me think of the Twilight Zone.   They are afraid of everything that goes bump in the night.   I just tell them that it isn't real.   They look at me like I am nuts, and they all say one day something will change my mind, but I don't think so.   I say it is a lot of smoke and mirrors.   It is funny when members are freaked out by it to, just the mention of a mermaid in the dark freaks my companion out.   It is kind of funny.  
I think that the world is trying to melt us.   Even the native Zimbabweans say that it is way to hot for this time of year.   We are gonna die of heat, starting with yours truly.   I can't believe how hot it is, in the upper 90's I am certain of it.   I am melting like a snowman in my parents front yard on a snow day.   I am not kidding you, it is hot out here.   It started to rain yesterday and has cooled off as a result of it.   It seems that it will get almost unbearably hot, and then it will rain a bit, and then get hot again.   I am struggling with the heat.   Much easier to ignore cold.   

I love all the success that we have been having out here.   Six people baptized on Saturday all together, with at least five more on the way from our side, I have no idea about the other elders.   The people are hungry for the gospel, and I am ready to welcome them to the buffet.   I love it.   Favorite part, is definitely seeing people accept the gospel.

 I love the people we are teaching out here.   I really care for them.   Speaking of care for and prayers, could you keep the Nyumtora family in your prayers?   They are a recent convert family and they have a son who is very sick, has been for a while and is now in a hospital, and they are in need of prayers.   Please.   I would really appreciate it.  
The area is doing great, like I said, baptisms are happening, and there are people to teach, and things are just Bho.   I love it.   And I am picking up more and more Shona.   Probably wont ever be fluent, but I can understand most of the lesson material in Shona and say some few things.   It is a fun language, but tough.  

My companion is learning the area really well, and the people really like him.   Smart guy, and a great teacher.   But still the mermaid thing, I just find it odd.   But we are getting a long really well, and things are sweet out here in Chegutu.  
"Everyone of us has times when we need to know things will get better.   My declaration is that this is precisely what the Gospel of Jesus Christ offers us, especially in times of need.   There is help.   There is happiness.   Don't you quit.   You keep walking.   You keep trying.   It will be alright in the end.   Trust God and believe in good things to come.   Some blessings come soon, some come late, and some don't come until heaven; but for those who embrace the Gospel of Jesus Christ they come."
-Geoffrey R Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles
I love this quote.   I first found it in the beginning of my mission when I was really struggling, and feeling discouraged.   It is a powerful reminder to trust in God's time.   It brought me comfort, and gave me the courage to carry on, when I wasn't sure I had it in me.   I testify that the members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and the First Presidency are Prophets, Seers, and Revelators.   I know that they are called of God, given His divine authority, and are guided by Him to accomplish their task.   I know if we listen to them we will never fall away or be led astray.   I know it, I live it, I love it.
"A minuet before he knows we're there, old Rob'll snatch his underwear."
"Shooting a man in the middle of his chorus , it ain't good form ya know."
"Ahhh! Mommy... I've got a dirty thumb."
"I'll fight you man to man with one hand behind my back. You mean you wont fly?"
Love you all.        

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