Tuesday, February 17, 2015

"I'm telling you man, every [stoplight is dead]"-Cars "I suppose there's really no point to this anymore."-Aladdin 3

I hate that in the big towns have lots of stop lights, that don't work.   Like you go driving around and one of them will work, so you stop and then you let them pass, and all of that stuff, and then you go through, and you get to the next one and it isn't working and then it becomes an insane time of trying to figure out who has the right of way, and who is gonna get to go through, and it is harder cause Kimbie Drivers don't care they just go, and so it is kind of scary.   It makes driving here interesting.   I almost just want to walk.  
It has started to rain again, and when it rains it pours.    Got to borrow an umbrella from a member, which was full of holes, to walk in the pouring rain for thirty minuets to get to the next lesson, to have the person be gone to half to walk another twenty minuets to get to the next place in time to teach a lesson.   All the while the roads are just turning into rivers and you're trying to stay dry, but it isn't working.   You hit the point where using the umbrella and trying to avoid the puddles are not worth it anymore, because you are already soaked, so you just start walking and it is interesting.   I love the rain, but it always comes on days where the sky is clear and sunny and hot, and so you don't expect it, and then it dumps.  
The area is getting better.   We are building our teaching pool, and I am learning it more and more, but it is hard when it is dark, cause everything looks a like.   "we're rocking the suburbs, around the block just one more time, we're rocking the suburbs cause I can't tell which house is mine" type thing.   So that is fun.   The area isn't to complicated in the day time, you learn to recognize certain buildings, or areas where other churches meet, but in the dark, it all fades into one.  
Not much to say on my new companion.   Trying to help him get the spirit of missionary work, and trying to get him to come out of his shell in lessons.   We will see how it goes. 
"If you never raise the bar you will never know your potential"
-L Tom Perry
"I will go and do that which the Lord has commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no commandment unto the children of men save He shall prepare a way that they may accomplish that which He hath commanded them."
-1 Nephi 3:7
We have been talking a lot about working harder and raising the bar, and doing more and being more as missionaries.   I know it can seem hard, we are working hard, and trying and striving with all of our might, but when the Lord says yes who can say no.   I know that God will never ask us to do something that is impossible, because even as the Bible says "what is impossible for the Lord?"   I know God opens a way, but we have to put in our effort to get it done.  
"Rule number 3, I can't bring people back from the dead, it's not a pretty picture, I don't like doing it!"
"Quick Minion the spray.   It's all out.   Well use the forget me stick."
"I think it's time we said goodbye to prince Abooboo"
"Think of the most evil, horrible thing you can imagine, and multiply it by six!"

I love you all.      

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