Monday, February 9, 2015

"it's not so bad"-Disneys Three Mousekatiers "Ready or not [here he goes]"-Monsters Inc "[it's] bigger, bigger then [my last area]"-Space Jam "I have no memory of this place"-Lord of the Rings

Well, after my first week as District Leader I can say that it isn't so bad.   I have some added responsibilities, but it comes down to the fact that mission is mission, and things go on the way the Lord would have them go.   It is actually a fun thing to get to be a District Leader.   

Interesting stuff always seems to happen in the beginning of a transfer.   My companion I was supposed to be with, Elder Mtetwa, had some health issues, so he has been sent to Harare to get fixed up.   I am now with a Branch Missionary who is waiting for his call to get here, named Brother Ignatius.   So now he and I are trying to learn the area as best we can, and to get things done out here in Mutare.   It has been an interesting week, and things will hopefully get moving as we go along.   

The area is HUGE!    Like 14 developments, each with some three to four hundred houses, and it is super spread out and just weird how it is organized.   So we spent a good chunk of time getting lost, and wandering around trying to figure out how the area is divided and how to keep it straight.   We ask the member "how do you tell when one part ends and another begins?" and he would say "you just do" which is not nearly as helpful as you might think.   Oddly my companion has gotten it almost totally down.   I am a little behind him in that matter, but I am cool with that.   So long as one of us gets it down.   The worst is when we get somewhere and I think, this seems familiar, but I can't remember why.   I really wish it was easier to find places, but I am sure as the weeks go by we will both have it down.

The area is full of water.   The Book of Mormon talks about a "Land of many waters" well I am sure that it is Mutare.   I mean there is always water flowing somewhere.   And most of it is not clean.   Well low and behold I managed to step into a puddle that was knee deep on me.  Soaked my shoes, socks and pant legs.   So much fun, then got to walk around with water in my shoes.   

The area is a pretty good area, but we are working on getting more people to teach, the members are nice, but a little few and far between.   I am enjoying being here, and it isn't as hot as Chegutu, so that is nice.   We are in a beautiful mountainy area, which is nice, but difficult for the stick driver who has only ever drove on flat ground.   It is gonna be good.

My companion has an older Brother who is serving in the same zone as us, here in Mutare.   He is the third child in his family and both of his older Brothers served missions, one in Uganda and one here in Zim.   He sent in his papers a few weeks ago, and they will hopefully arrive soon.   He is a good guy, but very short and very quiet.   That knee depth puddle would have been a wading pool up to his waist.   

"Teach our members that if they have a miserable day once in a while, or several in a row, to stand steady and face them. Things will straighten out. There is a great purpose in our struggles in life."
-Boyde K Packer

I have gotten to serve with 13 missionaries on my mission so far, and I have learned that everything is in how you look at it.   I have learned that things can be rough, but we can be happy.   I know that there is good in all things that we face.   I know that God cares for all of us.

"See, old village, lots and lots of new houses."
"Hi fire. It isn't alive.  But you said it would die."
"Sure some people lose a knife or a mug, I manage to lose an entire dragon!"
"We've been in there forever.  Two days is not forever.  It is with this family"

I love you all.   

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